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I feel all accomplished and stuff. The litter box has been cleaned, the chinchilla and degu cages have been cleaned. The ash tray on the wood stove has been emptied and I hauled in fire wood. \o/

Although the chinchillas made a break for it when I was trying to get them back in their cage. I chased them both around the living room. Fortunately the cats were scared of them. And Rockband tried to jump into the TV screen. Which was pretty funny. And at the same time, crap now I've got to catch her again. Landing on the floor seems to stun her just enough she's then easy to recapture.

It's actually pretty nice out today so I have a couple windows open letting the wind blow threw.

Now I should probably fill out that Wal-Mart application. Or put some more stuff up on etsy. I'm probably more likely to bond with my couch for a while. And maybe eat something. I'm sort of hungry.
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I just realized I missed Squeaker's birthday this year. Bad degu mommy, no cookie. She turned 3 on September 23. I have blocked her birth from my brain because it was a lot grosser than gerbil birth.

This means that Hepheastion is 4, well just over 4. So they are moving into the last half of their lives. This sort of makes me a little sad. And also makes me think I really need to play with them more than I do. I feel bad about it. If their claws weren't so sharp it probably wouldn't be a big deal. But the have sharp claws and like to try and claw though you, or climb your bare skin.
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I feel really bad for the degus now. I just had them out to give them a bust bath. So much fun with an over weight dog standing on your foot. But anyway I realized the poor things haven't even finished shedding out their winter coats yet. I bet they liked the fact I had the ac running most of the day so it never got to hot in the trailer.
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So this morning I go to feed the fur balls. Predictably, the degus are spazing out and running around rattling the cage door until I feed them.

Less normal is the fact that Lemur is awake, and sitting by her food dish. Which is nearly empty. So I put food in the dish. But that's not what's awesome. She then climbed up my arm and out of the cage. All on her own, no me trying to coax her out. And that's really cool, I've only had her just over two weeks and she's already decided that hanging out on her person is cool. Last night actually she didn't want to go back in the cage and I ended up having her out for half an hour or more.
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So it took two pet stores to find the right food for the degus. My bank account probably wishes I would have found it at the first one. $250 later I'm now the proud owner of a chinchilla named Lemur. The roommate came up with the name but I couldn't get her to go halfses with me.

edit: it's funny the roommate seems to be checking up on Lemur more than I am. I've gotten fur balls often enough to know that checking on them every couple minutes isn't going to help them settle in. Lemur seems to be doing well, has been investigating and everything. The roommate keeps talking about getting her a friend in a month or two. I told her that's fine if she's buying the friend. It's probably a good thing all my bills are paid for the month.
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The degus were at their cute little best this morning when I went to feed them. Squeaker decided I was talking to long, so pretty much as soon as I opened the cage door she climbed on to the top of the cage and jumped into the container I keep their food in. Hephaestion fortunately shows no interest in going through that much trouble when she knows the food while be showing up in the food dish shortly.
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I just realized I forgot all about Squeaker's birthday last month. She's two now, which means Hephaestion is three. It hardly seems like I've owned the little fur balls that long.

Also: How many geese could a mongoose goose if a mongoose could goose geese?
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The degus where feeling very friendly this morning. It's not that unusual for Squeaker to come visit me when I'm feeding them, Hepheastion on the other hand rarely comes out of the cage of her on volition. This morning they both came running out and climbed all over me while I put there food in the cage. But that wasn't enough incentive to get them back in, so I got to pet them a little before Lex showed up.

Yesterday he took a swing at Squeaker when she was out of the cage, so that means no degus out when Lex is around now.

Now that I've dragged myself out of bed I guess I should take a shower.
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Okay the cats are trying to kill each other. Mostly under my bed for some reason. I will never understand animals.

Oh and the degus are trying to kill each other over food. Like always. I guess they like the new food, because there is no way either of them actually finished all there food yet.
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I should really be in bed sleeping right now. The roommate is going to come stumbling home around 10 am and wake me up. And if she doesn't wake me up coming into the house the dog will wake me up whining outside my door after she leaves for work.

Also look a pretty icon of blueberries. That's one of the bushes at my aunt's blueberry farm. There is no real reason behind it, other than I like the photo. I don't even like blueberries.

Even though I cleaned the degu cage today I can still smell it. Which means I need to buy a hose and a nozzle so I can take the thing outside and spray it out and hope that helps. I was going to order new platforms for the cage, but the last time I tried the company's web site was messed up so I couldn't actually order anything.
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I have four icons that involve cars now. Go me. And this one, is the best icon ever. Thanks [ profile] kitt. And I have the tape of the race now so I'll even get to see the wreck soon. Woot.

I don't have to be to work until 4, why am I even awake? Oh thats right the degus where freaking out loudly after H. got up and another girl we work with slept on the couch last night so there was noise this morning.

edit: and I turn on the TV and what should be on, but the end of Boa VS Python. Ahahahah. Navy boy still hasn't forgiven me for making him watch this.
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I don't want to go to work. Like really a lot. But I will.

Tomorrow on the other hand shall be even worse because I have to be there at 10:30, it should be stated that I slept until 11:30 today. No idea why, I didn't think I went to bed that late. And I'm pretty sure I'm not sick or coming down with something.

New Bones tonight yay. Going over to H's to watch it after work.

I should probably clean the degu cage. But I don't think I'm going to be that motivated in the next 30 min.
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So I got the degu cage cleaned, although I suspect they rather wish I hadn't bothered.

I'm not sure what the dog did to scar them, but she sure did. I came upstairs after putting clean shavings in the bottom of the there cage and looked into the tank I put them in when I clean the cage and well they clearly had not had a good time of it.

Hephaestion was stuck inside a toilet paper tube, and by stuck I mean wedged. She'd obviously tried to climb in it to hide, only the tube is not big enough to hold a degu. So her hind legs where sticking out the back and I could just see her nose peaking out the other end. And Squeaker who was on the other side of the tank was covered in shavings that Hephaestion had kicked up while trying to get free. If everyone hadn't clearly been so freaked out I might have taken a picture because I'll admit I laughed when I took Hephaestion out and saw the predicament up close. But I was good and just pealed the tube off of her. As soon as she was free she climbed on my shoulder and wouldn't move. After I'd calmed her down a little I realized that Squeaker still hadn't moved either, so I bushed the shavings off her and picked her up, and she joined Hephaestion on my shoulder. And they wouldn't leave. So I got to put the cage back together with them both climbing on me. As soon as the top was mostly settled on the base Squeaker jumped on top of it, Hephaestion didn't leave until I got the cage door open then she jumped inside. Fortunately the still slightly traumatized Squeaker wasn't to had to pick up and get inside the cage as well.

They seemed to have calmed down now, probably because I shut the bathroom door so they can't see the dog.

Poor girls, getting the puppy has probably been harder on them than the cat.

The only good in all of this is proof that the diet is working. Hephaestion has clearly lost weight, she was getting fat, far to fat to fit into a tube before. Plus when I was holding them I could tell she no longer weighs twice what Squeaker does.
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I'm feeling like a bad degu mommy at the moment. When I was getting ready for bed I noticed they were out of water. So I put more water in the bottle. This woke them up and they then proceeded to fight over the water bottle and who got to drink first. This makes me worry that they've been out of water for a while and I just didn't notice, but I could have sworn I gave them more water a couple days ago, the bottle doesn't leak that bed.
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I hope Hephaestion is okay. She fell/jumped off my shoulder when I stood up to take her back to her cage. When I turned around she was partly on the floor but with a foot up on the TV stand so I'm not sure if she just hit the floor when she landed or if she caught the TV stand as well. She seems to be okay, and is running around the cage like normal. So I'm probably worried about nothing. I don't need kids my animals give me heart attacks.
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Bored, bored bored. This is the problem with working evenings. Nothing to do during the day. I'd take to sleeping all day, but then that wouldn't work weekends cause of the noisy people who would be around.

The degus have been outside since noon. Hephaestion is taking it just fine. Squeaker is being neurotic. Either way I'm leaving them out there until I leave for work. Its nice, plus the warm outside air dries out the platforms when they pee on them, thus cutting back on how smelly the cage is even though I just cleaned it.

The cat is sleeping still. Lazy cat.

My wrist is still hurting off an on. Work tonight and tomorrow should be lots of fun, or you know not.

Still waiting to hear from Navy boy. And really hoping work slows down for him soon, so a) he actually has a chance to breath, and b) he actually has time for me.
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Note to self: Don't feed the degu's blackberries while they're in the glass tank.

There's blackberry juice all over the walls from them freaking out at each other thinking one's trying to steal the others berry. Plus they're now covered in juice themselves. Squeaker was trying to keep Hephaestion away from her berries so much she just kind of crammed them in her mouth whole and got berry bits stuck to her face. And they both have juice on their chests from pushing at each other with their dirty paws. Although it was cute to watch the lick the juice off the walls. Little pink degu tounges. Makes me wish I'd taken a picture.
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I'd actually written something coherent about it. Then I had to restart my computer and I forgot to save the entry. I'll try again I guess.Common Ground )

Now to clean the degu cage since its nice and sunny out. Well if I can get them out of the cage.
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Its kind of funny how much the degus love blackberries. They are both generally clean eaters. Give them a blackberry and its a different story. Juice all over their faces, their paws, their chests or necks. And all over the cage. Right now they are probably either trying to lick juice off the bars of the cage or chewing on the shavings that Hephaestion got juice all over.
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Okay not really. But they are being kind of annoying. I bought them stuff yesterday, food, another food dish, and chew sticks. They are completely ignoring the chew sticks. The first time I gave them chew sticks they went nuts for them. This time nothing. Okay so they only cost 88 cents, but still its the principle of the thing.


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