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So most of the time I can deal with the fact nothing in Dead Zone really relates to the geography of Maine, and then they go and put part of it in the county I live in and then it makes me and my roommate laugh, roll our eyes, and be vaguely annoyed. me and my issues. )

Okay back to what I thought of the show itself.Dead Zone )
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Okay this episode wasn't bad. I hate hate hate the Stillson Sarah thing. And yay for Bruce.
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I tried to watch Dead Zone tonight. However the episode failed to catch my attention more than Inside Man. Which is kind of sad because I have seen Inside Man, not since it was in theaters, but I have seen it.
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I am ambivalent about this weeks Dead Zone. Also I wish the Portland bus station was that nice. I'm guessing it was supposed to be Portland anyway, I missed the beginning. But I've taken a bus from Boston to Portland, and the Portland bus station was a slightly sketchy building with a waiting area, some vending machines and a bathroom. Oh and an employees area and a place to buy tickets.
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Dead Zone )

It is possible my faith in the show is slowing being restored.
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dead zone... )

Also watch Shooter this evening. Was pretty good. What I didn't space out during. I've been out of it since I got out of bed. I think it was just a bad idea. And I still need a Dead Zone icon.
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Dead Zone )

And I still need a Dead Zone icon.
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There was a guy in a Navy uniform in work today. When seen out of the corner of my eye it looked like navy boy and freaked me out. Really don't want him showing up at work ever.

Not much else going on. Am about half way through season five of Dead Zone. Have managed to get the roommate sucked into it. Go me.
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And now I'm on to the fifth season of Dead Zone. I've seen exactly one episode of this season, at like 2am. So yes, getting caught up in preparation for the new season starting Sunday. I actually remembered very little of season 4. But I just finished it so now I remember a little better.

I should have a Dead Zone icon.
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Great now painting class is ruining Dead Zone for me, rather than the normal, the geography of Maine is nothing like they show things. They just showed a painting, by whats supposed to be some sort of professional semi famous artist. And the edges of the canvas aren't panted. At all, its just blank primed canvas. I was taught you should paint the edges of the canvas so it could be taken off and put back on another frame.

It's possibly I'm way to fussy.


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