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So my wild and wacky weekend. It started with Drew calling me because Jordan forgot to text me his number. Way to go Jordan. Although I'm not really sure why Jordan didn't just give Drew my number in the first place. Silly boys.

I made it to the party with out an trouble or getting lost. Wasn't even the last one to arrive, go me. It was sort of weird for me being there because I really only knew 4 people. Well 6, I'd talked to Jesse's and John's gfs before. But I was good, I talked to other people too. Even talked to Drew's gf who is the reason I slept and Jordan and Jesse's the first time because she didn't want me sleeping over. So not sure if she was just being nice or if she's decided I'm not to bad after all. Even got a hug when she was leaving, which I totally wasn't expecting. Talked to people who's names I no longer remember. Danced with a big group of people shoe horned into the living room. The kitchen was for talking and food, the beer pong room was for beer pong (yes they really have a room in their apartment designated as the beer pong room) and a group people decided the living room would be the dance party room. There stereo was in there anyway.

Ended up staying there rather than driving home. Not that I drank a whole lot, 3 whole drinks. I'd been planning on one, which was ruined about two seconds after I was convinced to have a drink, by Jordan saying everyone should do a jello shot and then going around the room feeding them to everyone. At least I ended up with a drink of my very own. Since at first John decided I should be drinking and handed me his already open beer. No thanks. As for sleeping arrangements I didn't move fast enough to get the futon to myself. Well the guy sort of passed out on it before everyone else staying had calmed down enough to sleep. Once I was assured he was a good guy, by everyone left including Jordan I decided I wasn't going to sleep in a chair. However he'd sort of passed out in the middle of the futon leaving me with just the edge to sleep on. And he woke up enough to talk to me and tell me he was a good guy, and he wouldn't try anything. But that he liked to cuddle, so he's was just going to cuddle with me before we fell asleep so I wouldn't wake up all freaked out. Leading to me sleeping with his arm across my waist most of the night. But there were no straying hands so he got to live.

We all sort of crashed around 3, and then Jordan's gf had to leave for work or something just before 8. Which woke me up, and by like 8:20 everyone else was awake and Jesse's gf was running around taking photos of those of us sleeping out in the living room/beer pong room, and jumping on unsuspecting people. Then we all quieted down until like 9 because the guy in the next room kept asking about food, were was a good place to get breakfast he wanted to eat. So we all got up and went out. All 8 of us.

Then when we got back to the apartment we cleaned. Because the place was trashed, and smelled of beer more than normal. Jesse mopped the kitchen floor and everything. Very cheerfully. Because everyone else had helped planned the party and come to the party and in some cases helped clean up before the party so it was only fair if he mopped. The rest of the apartment was cleaned up pretty quickly because there was like 2 or 3 people to a room. So empties were collected and rinsed, trash was picked up and floors were swept. There were 3 trash bags full of empties. Frankly I'm not sure how the whole thing didn't end with the upstairs neighbors calling the cops or at least coming downstairs to complain. It was pretty damn loud. But fun.

After everyone else trickled off to home or work I just stuck around because I didn't see the point in driving home just to be there like 2 seconds before turning around to leave again and met back up with the people I'd just left. Have now seen their practice space. There was much, not serious, discussion about if it was okay I knew were they practiced/recorded. It was ended by one of them saying I was on the inside so it didn't matter anyway. From there we headed out. Drew road with me to make sure I didn't get lost. John as it turns out is a very inconsistent driver, and while I never lost him, I can see how it would be pretty easy. It was kind of neat getting to talk to Drew for the drive though, he's the one I've talked to the least over all. He apologized about his gf not letting me sleep over and then asked if she'd been nice to me at the party. Which was cute.

The show went well, the sound was a lot better than the last time they played Club Texas. They just played stuff from the new album which is going to be released at the end of November. Woot. Well I've got the pre-release, but the actually album has two more songs and the hidden track isn't hidden, and I think the order has been changed. Plus the songs have been remixed. I know because I got to listen to one when we driving around before leaving Bangor. I got hit on by the most persistent drunk guy thus far. He seemed nice enough but while I was willing to talk about the band I wasn't about to tell him all about me. And I need to get really boring glasses because what caught his attention was my glasses, and this is not the first time my glasses have caught the attention of a drunk guy. Then the fact I was with the band. And he decided my glasses were just unbelievable. And declared me to cute for my own good. And kept trying to buy me a drink or give me his phone number. And I kept turning him down. Told band boys one of them was going to be playing my bf from now on since people always assume I'm dating one of them anyway. Drew said that they would all fight over me. Jesse asked why I didn't just say I had a bf at home, and then saw my point when I mentioned how people always think I must be dating one of them. We left early because people were tired and Jesse had work in the morning. Then I managed to get fake- humped by Jesse and John because they both tried to hug me at the saw time and John said something about three way, and next thing I know I'm being humped. I think it means I've been excepted. They all seem to do that to each other all the time. Well other than John and Drew, being brothers and all that might be a little odd.

So it was a good weekend. Then I came home and slept for 8 hours with out waking up. Which beat the night before where I woke up a lot/didn't sleep. Although I guess I must have slept because my futon buddy didn't think I moved at all and was wondering if he should check if I was still breathing at one point.

Okay so now I need to work on a cover letter. And probably put wood in the fire.
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I haven't been home in 21 hours, but I'm alive.

Ended up being really really early for the show last night. Oops. This is what happens when you forget the band is your friends and you can call and ask questions like, when does the show start?

Instead I just called when I got lost. Then I was given Jordan's number because he lived close and could come keep me company.

When he and Drew showed up I was asked to be the new merch girl! Which duh, I said yes. Evidently their last merch girl's boyfriend didn't like her doing it, I told them not to worry with me, no boyfriend. This means that when they go to Portland or farther south than that I'll met up with them in like Augusta and ride the rest of the way down with them, thus saving me a little gas. And I'm also guessing no more worrying about getting in, well I never really worried, bet I wont have to pay now.the rest of my evening, which even includes cops... )

So all I need to write something with a tittle like 'From fan to friend and merch girl in 3 easy steps'

Tired so tired. Never made it to Auburn. Oops. Still need to shower. And you know change out of the clothing I've been wearing for over 24 hours.

edit: for the Supernatural fans out there you'll get why this made me giggle, Jordan told me that he and Jesse called their old apartment the J2 apartment.
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The first time I ever went to a concert was last October. Since then I've been to 13 concerts, 8 of them have involved Soundbender, and 4 of them have involved bands people outside of the state of Maine have heard of. It's fun going to big concerts but I think on the whole I like the ones for local bands better. This is probably heavily influenced by the whole being adopted by Soundbender thing, but whatever. Loki likes me too.

In other news I talked to [ profile] annikasevn yesterday and she was all the house out here is awesome and it's really not that bad. And I was like no no no, you're not supposed to be all yay it's nice you're supposed to be ditching the boy-thing because he's an asshole. Which evidently is something she's not thinking about right now because she's stuck out there until November at least and if she thinks about she'll get all worked up and the boy-thing will know something is wrong blah blah blah. But I guess she probably really will come home because things he does that she used to find cute annoy her now, plus she realizes what an ass he is, and knows I will kick her ass if she stays. And she misses Soundbender. Really I think thats the major reason she's coming back. It would be funny if it wasn't sad. At least it's not like the band doesn't like her. They keep asking me where she is, and they did all tell her not to go. Because I asked them to, but I'm sure they wouldn't have said it if they didn't mean it. They love all their fans especially the ones who have because friends.

I need to clean the litter box still. Ugh. And the chinchilla cage, well I don't have any shavings, but I can at least clean the poops of the platforms.

This is my fall icon.
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So Johnny did end up calling 9. Evidently the show got started late because there was no sound guy there oops. And then they didn't actually know where the club they were at was. So I had to call a friend from Auburn to get directions. So I didn't get on the road until almost 9:30. But I didn't do to bad, got there around 10. Jesse and Jordan were outside smoking when I got there so we talked. And Jordan told me he was really drunk. And I also found out that I am now officially in the friend category, not just the fan one. And the next time I see them I'm getting a present. Something I can hang on my wall, and they'll even buy a hanger for it. I am curious I will admit. The next show isn't until the end of the month so the anticipation may kill me by then.

Jordan has my number now too. He evidently wanted to get it last night so he could call and make sure I got home safe. *draws a heart around him* I don't know what to do with these guys. Oh and I've told to make up some business cards to leave on their merch table, evidently people have been asking about my art. So we'll have to see about that too.

Got lots of hugs, and I think Drew was a little sad that no one told him I'd showed up. I'd been there almost an hour before I ran into him. Later in the night I tried on his jacket, narrow shouldered bastard, and then he decided to get the full effect it had to be buttoned. Which with my boobs not so much, so he tried. Thusly I ended up with the guy I first thought hot in that band all but grabbing my boobs in the name of buttoning me into his too small jacket.

Speaking of clothing Jordan tried to give me a shirt. But after I saw him give away four more, and then seeing their bar tab, I put it back. Which was easy because I was being merch girl. What with the being sober and all I was a good choice. Made friends with Jesse's girlfriend really nice girl. Who he's only been dating since May. Which means I've know the band longer, sort of, I first saw them in March, didn't introduce myself but I did bitch about the weather with Drew.

On to the show. Which was pretty good even with Jordan drunk. The sound wasn't great so the fact he sort of just didn't play on one song wasn't noticeable. They played all their stuff they had ready to play live, left stage, got called back to play another song, replayed a song they'd already done, then had a singer from a different band come on stage and he sang and they like improved a song around him. It came out really well actually, Jordan's having stopped playing for the night might have helped, and Drew's back up guitar, since he managed to break two strings during their set.

Jesse was really worried they didn't sound good and me and his girlfriend were like 'i wouldn't worry they liked you so much you ran out songs to play' And that made him feel better.

The whole band now has an invitation to crash at my place the next time they play in the area, because I've got two pull out couches right now, and Sarah's bed and really her whole room. They probably would have taken me up on it tonight but Jesse has work in the morning and his girlfriend has a kid that she couldn't just abandon. The only issue I can see is where to park their trunk and small trailer because my door yard is tiny, but I was looking and I think if the neighbors aren't parked on my lawn they could probably just pull the trunk on to the lawn and get the trailer out of the way. If worked carefully two cars could probably be parked in the yard plus their stuff if this happens after [ profile] annikasevn is home and is on a night she's actually staying here.
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Soundbender was as kick ass as always. Even with a smaller than normal stage due to Ashes Divide's equipment being set up a head of time.

I gave everyone their copies of the drawings I done of everyone. And collected hugs. Well Johnny hugged me before I'd given his to him. Everyone else hugged me after. I pretty much ignored the opening bands because I was hanging out with the Soundbender dudes up in the drinking area. Met another one of the girlfriends.

Watched their excellent as always set. Took photos and vids.

After their set was over I got hit on by some random drunkish guy. Who I later found out gave me a fake name. Because as it turns out he's friends with Soundbender's singer and evidently know for being an ass.

Someone thought I was Drew's girlfriend for no apparent reason, or just anyone in the bands because I drive so far to see them.

Sort of hung out with the guys from Ashes Divide, as in they were talking to Soundbender guys that I was still hanging around with after the show. Eventually left around 1, because long drive home. Got more good bye hugs. Lots of Jordan hugs cause he gets huggy when he's tipsy. Got extra Jesse hugs to actually, [ profile] annikasevn will be jealous.

Was thank profusely for showing up and treasured that I wasn't a creepy fan. Because I do sort of worry that I come off that way what with the driving all over the state to see them and the taking photos and videos and making drawings of them thing. But no they love me for it.

Speaking of them loving me. Johnny thinks the whole invite only thing tomorrow, er later today, is stupid. Also he's pretty sure he can get me in. He just needs to make a call. And he'll call me tomorrow and let me know. So yes someone in Soundbender has my number. Now as long as Johnny remembers my name so he can find the number in his phone we'll be all set. He kept calling me Sarah all night. Evidently they aren't getting paid for the show so they think they should be able to have people come. Or at least that's what Johnny thinks. We'll see how it all turns out.

In other news I made my 2 hour drive home in more like 1 hour and 30 something minutes. Oops? And I saw 3 cats, 2 foxes, 2 skunks, and 1 rabbit on my drive home. And I hit none of them even though one of the foxes ran across the interstate in front of me.
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First a list to the stuff that happened I thought was pretty freaking cool.

  • Jesse, the signer stopped and talked to us to several minutes when we first showed up, even though he'd been on his way to the bathroom

  • Drew (lead guitar) may or may not have squealed in with happiness when he saw I was there.

  • The three band members we saw before their set made sure to tell us they were up next so we knew we hadn't missed their set even though we were late.

  • Two band members made sure to tell us they had a new show just added to their schedule.

  • My named was shouted at me like a cheer when Jordan (bassist) saw me after the show. Then I was informed he and Jesse had hung one of the t-shirts I'd made them on their wall of fame in their apartment.

  • Johnny (drummer) dragged us out on to the floor to watch the last band play and then proceeded to mock my height, in a friendly way.

  • They actually let us help them haul equipment this time, probably cause there were a lot of stairs involved.

  • Johnny invited us to got out to Denny's with them after the show. So we went.

  • We were invited to go to one of their practices sometime.

I'm going to say it was a pretty good night.

more in depth babble, mention of the other bands I saw )

Crap I need to get a move on I'm supposed to be at work in 10 min and I'm not even dressed yet.
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Back from my second Soundbender show of the week. We got a later start than we wanted, but that was okay, the show started after we showed up. Soundbender was the headliner. And as it was a benifit for MADD there were a lot of bands, mostly local. Possibly all local other than Soundbender. It was at a high school which was weird. So yeah we should up a little before five. Saw the drummer gave him the shirts, which made his day. Got hugs. Went and sat down. Listened to some really crappy bands. Got a hug and a fist bump from the bassist when he spotted us. Listened to more so-so music debated going over to their merch booth to say hi to everyone else. Before we made up our mind the drummer waved us back over to were he was setting up. The singer was there and also really happy with the shirts. Talked there, found out he thought I was in high school still, then sympathized with me because he's 27 and people always think he's much younger. Then went over to the merch booth and got a hug from the guitarist because he too thought the shirts were awesome. Was an odd hug, over the table with back rubbing. Hung out there, ran off to find my marker and got back to see [ profile] annikasevn sitting at the table with them. Sat on her because I didn't want to steal anyone's chair and the drummer had told her to sit and said he wasn't getting me a chair. Was then offered a chair and proceeded to spend the rest of the time hanging out with the band. Got some great photos of their set. And video both of the set and of the singer and the bassist acting like idiots before the show started. Met their manager who seems to like us. Talked to the merch girl who seems pretty kick ass. As they were packing up we said good-bye to everyone and the drummer after finding out we were over 21 told us we'd all have to get a beer after their next show. Then I got hugs from the whole band as we were leaving, even the singer who hadn't even shaken my had before. They all apologized for being sweaty, we were like it's all good really.

On the drive home, which we totally got lost on, Kennebunk is not cool after dark when it comes to getting on 95 going the right direction, didn't even realize it until we hit the York toll plaza, anyway on the way home [ profile] annikasevn and I were talking about how we don't think they really have a fan base that'll drive long distance for them. Because they seemed really genuinely surprised and happy that we'd showed up just like we said we would. It's sort of cool getting to make someone's day doing something so simple.

Oh and during their set they were look for us in the crowed and making eye contact and we got sung to and everything. And the guitarist told [ profile] annikasven that it was great look out and seeing us there. Or something like that. Maybe it was just they saw us walk in and thought that was great that we'd shown up. Either way, woot. Also happy that we didn't get glared at by any random people because we seemed to know the band. The girl last night would probably have killed us if she saw us today. Bought an actual Soundbender shirt so I wont have to wear the same shirt if I got two days in a row again.
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Survived another Soundbender show. Had band merchandise offered to me for my home made shirt. Mocked band merchandise in a joking way. Did not get free stuff. Am okay with that. Am making band own shirts for tomorrow/later today when I go see them again. Shook hands with most of the band. Was ooh and awwed over because of awesome home made shirt. And because image on shirt wasn't done entirely on the computer. Their copy, the original, was proudly displayed at the merch booth. Got hugs from half the band when went home. And one invite to subway tomorrow if we get to the show early enough. Also had singer ask me if I planed to youtube video I took tonightl. And got good photos of the 'impossible' to photograph bass player. Was up front dead center, band payed attention to me and camera. Made life easy.

Am supposed to be in Auburn in 7 hours. Isn't going to happen. Am going to break not boyfriends heart, well maybe not heart broken, but sad face for sure. Band much cuter than not boyfriend. Subway with band better offer.

Have now given Soundbender own tag. Need icon for them too.

Me sleep now.

edit: me not sleep yet. and on the Soundbender front I got them to sign the CD I caught at battle of the bands, and they actually wrote TOS battle of the bands '08 on it. but no the funny thing was when I pulled it out and was all look you can see where it hit the ground. and like the whole band were all oh no does it work? do you need a new one? we can give you a new one. and then the drummer said to let them know if it stopped working and they'd send me a new one. drummer likes me, i got the extra hand pat with hand shake when we first offically met. he already knew my name. actually they all knew my name other than maybe the singer from myspace. i iz myspace celebrity to local band?
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Saw Soundbender again last night. Really if I keep going to see them I should really remember to bring my camera. It's the third time I've seen them. Oh, [ profile] annikasevn and I totally hung out and talked to them after their show was over. They are pretty hilarious guys. They had a photo of the band they were signing and when they got to [ profile] annikasevn they drew all over each other's picture. We couldn't figure out what they were giggling about and then she got the photo and we laughed. I got one of their Cd's there and had them sign that. When I told them I'd caught one at the battle of the bands but it had been left it a car they told me I had to come see them again so they could sign that one for me too.

They're are a really good band but seem surprised that people like them. I told them it was the third time I'd seen them and they didn't look like they expected someone to bother to see them that often. We eventually left them alone after promising to see them again. But then as if by fate we saw them again. Outside the restaurant we had supper in, they'd made it less than a block down the road from were their show had been. The funny part of this though was the fact that they recognized us before we recognized them. Much with the funny. We then proceeded to further make their night by driving past them on our way home with the CD I got blaring and one of my friends yelling out the window, 'Soundbender rules!' They were all waving and jumping around. I just want to talk the whole band home and keep them in my closet...or something less creepy.
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I am a live. However I am still without internets of my own. Friday the company said Monday. We called today and they said tomorrow, then they called back and said a week from tomorrow. Not cool. Right now I'm at my Dad's sitting in the car stealing his wireless since he's not home.

Had a very long but fun weekend. It was great to see my cousin, it's possibly been a couple years since the last time we had a chance to hang out. Her dad and one of our uncles were there. The rich uncle, who decided it would be funny to throw sticks under my tent. By the time I learned of this he'd already left because he was staying in a hotel. So I've got to think up a good way to get him back.

Last night I went to the WTOS battle of the bands at the Skowhegan fair. Was much fun even though I was dead tired from a 5 hour drive home from Vermont. 4 bands played, only one of which I hadn't heard of. I saw two of them at Rumors in March I think it was. And Civil D who was last years winner, didn't win this year. Which I thought was good because the last winner had won like 4 years running and as good as they are I didn't want to see that happen again. Soundbender won, which was awesome, I've liked them since the first time I saw them and I honestly think they put on a much better show. And I don't think it's because I got kicked in the head either. No seriously, I got kicked in the head by the only crowed surfer in the whole audience, I'm not sure how I get so lucky. I also managed to catch one of the Cd's they tossed into the crowed after they won.

If anything interesting happens in internet land leave me a message, who knows when or if I'll get through my friends page.
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The people I went with... )

This is 2/4 of Civet )

If I'd taken any pictures of the Mighty Mighty Bosstones their photos would be here. Instead I will reiterate my amusement at their plaid suits, shirts, hats, shoes, and ties. I still am not sure how the crowd managed to be rougher during their set then during the Dropkick's. I think they played around an hour.

Photos mostly taken by not me of the Dropkick Murphys )

Look, that's me on stage really with bonus bruise photo )

I'm so tired right now it's not even funny. However once again the roommate has a friend over and they are watching a movie at levels that will make sleep impossible. I guess it's a good thing I don't have to be to work until 9 am tomorrow right?
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I think. I've been home from the concert just long enough to wash off the worst of the gross. I was going to take a shower, but I couldn't bring myself to do it, the roommate is sleeping and it's almost 4 in the morning. I figure it's bad enough that I woke up sleeping over person on our couch.

So yes, I had fun enough that I didn't mind missing SGA's season premiere.

As so tonight. None of the bands sucked.

The fist one was Civet, I think, an all girl band from Los Angeles. They were pretty good, although they need a new sound guy, all you could hear were the guitars, the vocals where pretty much impossible to hear. The lead guitarist played left handed. I got one good photo of them.

Next up were the Mighty Mighty Bosstones. Their plaid amused me. I got no photos because the crowd was crazy and I couldn't get my camera out of my pocket. I started like one person from the barrier, but by half way through their set I was on the barrier. Saw very little because of aforementioned crowd. I spent a lot of time trying to not be squished, and also have enough room to breath. One of the people I was with got one of the setlists.

Last up Dropkick Murphys. Awesome. I wish I actually knew their music more. I really enjoyed it. The crowd was slightly calmer and I'd given my camera to one of the people I'd come with because she had both arms free where as I only had one over the barrier. So I have some photos. High points include touching the singer and getting up on stage. That's right I was on stage with the Dropkick Murphys. And I have photos to prove it as my friend still had the camera. She'd left the barrier because of really gross sweaty guy. Whom I was next to briefly before Green Day Hat offered to switch places with me, which I thought was nice.

Have only minor injuries. A massive bruise on the under side of my right arm, it's all molted purples and blues, caused by having my arm over the barrier and holding on to a seam in it so as to not get pushed around to much. Every time security climbed up to pull a crowd surfer down it got smushed, also the girl I was up there with smushed it some. And I have a slightly less impressive bruise just under my arm pit on the right side from being pushed into the barrier. A couple times it was so bad I could feel the metal flexing, also my sternum compressing.

All in all much fun. Even with the injuries and the ringing ears. We shall see if any more bruises show up tomorrow. Now I think I should at least pretend to try and sleep. Tomorrow possibly and more in depth write up and pictures. Maybe even of the bruise on my arm which I'm very proud of.

Also I'm like 90% positive I saw this guy Tyler that I went to college with there. Didn't manage to ask though. Have no idea what he's up to now so I don't know if it's even possible that he could be in Maine. Although one of the guys I was with heard someone else say they thought he was Tyler. So it wasn't just me.
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but I had a freaking awesome time.

Although my right foot and ankle are probably going to be killing me tomorrow and people kept stepping on just that foot/ankle while either walking past or because someone in the pit pushed them.

Saw two bands play. Twisted Roots and Dead Season. They were both excellent.

Met a cute guy named Mark there. Sadly I am not suave enough to have figured out a good way to slip him my number so if I ever seen him again it will be up to chance. He seemed like a really nice guy. We mocked drunk people and screamed a long with Dead Season together.

I didn't know much of anything by Twisted Roots but they put on a good show. One of the guitarists had long curly hair that he kept throwing around while lunging. It's like he was trying to be Ray Toro from MCR, only very skinny and with less poofy hair. The best thing about them was one of their songs it was called something like Fire and the Black and it was about zombies and fire. Or at least that's what the singer said, their vocals where too low for you to really hear them.

Now Dead Seasons been around for awhile and I actually know several of their songs because they get a lot of play on a couple of the local stations. I can remember two of their song titles from their new album, that I was going to buy but didn't because it was 15$ and I only had 10$, cause one of them was called Cancer and the other Mother. Which can be connected to MCR. Although these were about the singer and guitarists life more because they just lost their mother to cancer. The played for a really long time with was pretty cool, if bad for my voice cause I new the words, but they're the kind of band that requires screaming a long more than singing.

This was much better than the last show I saw at Rumors because none of the bands sucked and they didn't have a singer so drunk he fell off the stage.
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First things we saw when we got there where the bus and the car they're giving away. Dee says I'm going to win the car and then drive the car. She wont believe me when I say I'm just going to cannibalize it for parts for Jazz if I win it.bus and car )

Not as bad as I expected: Phantom Planet )

Also not to bad: The Hush Sound )

Kind of rocked a lot: Motion City Soundtrack )

How do they even exist? Panic at the Disco )

All pictures and vids where taken by me. So please don't use with out letting me know.
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Okay that was awesome. Also the politest concert I've ever been to. Politest concert Dee's ever been to as well and she's been to a lot more than I have. There were no mosh pits, just a couple girls in front of us who bounced up and down a lot during the first three bands and then wandered off before Panic came on. So yeah excellent show all around. Like Phantom Planet more than I thought I would, loved Motion City Soundtrack, The Hush Sound wasn't bad. Panic was awesome. Also they all seemed really happy. Spencer smiled like the entire time. Ryan smiled. Brendon kept running and sliding on the stage. Jon was personable and talked a lot. Although if I'd just spent a day hanging out in Bar Harbor like they did I'd probably be in a pretty good mood too.

I took a lot of photos and videos. Got clips of almost every song Panic played. Got the entirety of several, well sort of cause I'd stop paying attention to the camera and start watching, plus I could never find the button to stop recording. Sometime that is not the middle of the night I'll get stuff put up to share, and write up what I remember. Also I learned that the 2 gig memory card last longer than the battery in the camera. It's still got room for another 200 or so pictures of 40 min. of video and the battery is almost dead.

Also me and Dee tried to have fun with the text a message and we'll put in on the screen. Sadly only "I love my little green army man" made it up. Which was her refrance to her husband. We also tried for "Scream if you're an idiot" because there where a lot of scream if you love x. Then we tired "VIP girls are hot" because there was some sort of war over which town had hotter girls going on. The last ditch was "zombie unicorns" because I was wear my zombie unicorn shirt.
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Well I'm off now, to hopefully see Panic, but not experience any panic(!) in my civic. Weeee! Photos and right up of concert at some later date, well possibly ass o'clock in the morning if I know me.
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So I am less deaf tonight that I was last night. My fun night out though wasn't as much fun as I'd hope. Guy from work, as it turns out, listens to mostly christian music, which if I'd know I wouldn't have invited him, cause yeah so very not christian music. Dee was in the wrong mood for it, and the roommate had a really bad headache. Which is not good when listening to music with lots of screaming.

Any who what I thought of each band. All of whom are on myspace if someone wants to look them up.

So hardcore they need two singers to get all the screaming in...Radiation Year )

Needs more cow bell, actually it had just the right amount...SoundBender )

Has a really hot singer (because everyone was having no fun we left after 4 songs even though this is the one I like the most)...Civil Disturbance )

If you've never head of these people I'm not surprised they are all Maine based bands.

Oh, my roommate, whether she admits it or not, got drunk. Which when I wasn't feeling bad about her not really wanting to be there, was really really funny cause she never gets drunk.
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Being the mature and responsible adult I am, I bought Batman fruit snacks when I went grocery shopping. And now I'm eating donuts for supper.

So my hair, just about gave the store manager a heart attack when he saw me. Oops? He some how missed that I was dying my hair orange, and everyone else evidently thought I was joking. Oh well.

In other news I'm dragging the roommate to Rumors in Skowvegas next week to go see some local bands play, well I think they're Maine bands, TOS plays them but that's a bout it I think. She keeps complaining that I go to concerts without her, this time she can't complain. Dee might be tagging along, she likes some of the bands too. Plus it's like 2 seconds from her house.

I need to make a new icon of me with the new hair.

Also this snow crap needs to stop. Like a lot. The weather gets a giant fail today.

edit: icon with orange hair now!
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And none anywhere else.

Back from the concert. The venue was...probably best described by Puddle of Mudd's singer. He said he felt like he was playing in his mom's basement again, only it was a little bigger.

The opening bands where full of little tiny guys who couldn't quite reach the celling. Puddle of Mudd is taller, the signer could grab a low hanging pipe with out much trouble.

Okay now the bands.

The first one was called Tyler Read. They were from Louisiana. They looked like a bunch of unwashed 15 year olds with peach fuzz and tattoos. The rythum guitarist had a mullet. The lead guitarist looked like a guy I went to school with. The drummer had really nice eyes and also did back up vocals. There was a lot of plaid on the stage. And at one point they tried to get everyone to yell amen, and then hallelujah. And one of the songs had a lyric that sounded like 'Jesus loves rock.' And there was another song that made Dee look at me and ask if we were at church camp. Needless to say we as a group were not impressed. And then they kept sounding like they were leaving the stage, people would cheer, they'd stay. I wanted to shout, no don't encourage them.
here have a bad photo of some of them )
Up next was Neurosonic. They were awesome. And not wearing plaid. And the bass player had the same hair cut as I used to. Which I told him when I met him later on. The lead guitarist was like throwing himself around his 2 feet of stage. And walking in circles a lot. They had good energy. And the bass turned up really high. I could feel it in my chest pretty much their entire set. And at the start of one song I swear it was so high the air around me was vibrating. They played a pretty long set. I ended up with one of the bass players picks. It bounced of Dee's husband and no one else wanted it so I kept it. After that they went to their merch booth and I bought their CD and they all signed it. I got my picture taken with the lead guitarist and the singer, the bass player was in the background of one of them. Sadly those photos are one New!Girl's phone. My camera was being a bitch.
a photo of them were you can almost see them )

Now it was the main event, Puddle of Mudd. They came out a little after 10 and played until after 11. It was pretty cool. The mosh pit didn't start until they came out and wasn't quite on top of me, so that was nice. They played a good mix of older songs and stuff off the new album. And it was so freaking hot they pretty much took a break between every song. Right at the beginning so chick got on someone's shoulders and flashed the band pretty much the whole first song. Until security pulled her down, probably because of aforementioned low celling.

Let me take a moment to talk about the security guys. There was two of them. One I didn't see much, and the other one. Who was like 8 feet tall. And spent most of Neurosonic's set standing right behind me breathing on my head. It was very disconcerting. And at one point he was evidently jumping around in the mosh pit rather than trying to keep it under control. And he almost knocked me over in his rush to pull the chick down.

So yes moshing people and pushing people and the toes of my flame shoes are now pretty much entirely de-flamed. But people were really good about helping each other regain their balance and trying to not step on you. Me and Dee's husband ended up trying to be a human barrier a couple times in an attempt to not be smushed.

I could have had something signed by them, they were just getting ready to come out when we left. If I'd asked we'd have stayed I'm sure. But I didn't have anything for them to sign as they took our tickets when we came it and didn't even give us a stub. Plus I knew Dee and New!Girl had to be to work at 10.

In conclusion, Tyler Read=bad. Neurosonic=good, plus hot. Puddle of Mudd=good. And they do a really good live show, even if it is a tinny over crowded and hot hole in the wall venue. And also I need a different cheap camera to bring to shows, prefurably one that takes photos with things in them that are identifiable.

edit: Neurosonic has a song mocking Ashlee Simpson. It was hilarious/
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So it's snowing, a lot. Poor roommate had to go to work. And she's supposed to go to her other job this evening. I'm thinking she probably wont be going. She was talking about not going last night. Although knowing her, work will call and be come it early, everyone's called out. And then she'll be stuck going.

So tickets for HCT date near me are on pre-sale now. And not too expensive, so now I just have to see if Dee wants to get tickets for the floor or tickets with seating. She'll be at work in about 20 min. and then I can call and ask. Well I could call now, I do have her cell phone number and her house number, but I did tell her I'd call at work, so I'll be good and wait.


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