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Grr argh. I'm trying to burn a DVD of Soundbender's stuff to send to their manager. Only my stupid DVD burning program wont work. It'll get like half way done and then just cancel itself. Am not impressed. Can anyone recommend a free DVD burning program? Is there such a thing? This one used to work, but it's been awhile. Or maybe it just really hates MP4 files.
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I think there is a hard drive reformat in my future. It took three tries to actually get my computer to turn on. It would load and come up with the desk top and then nothing, you could do nothing. Bah.
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I bought a new toy, just a cheap little digital camera. Pluged it in before I installed the drives. Yes I know that I'm stupid. It can up with the find drivers thing and went through it and at the end it went, can't find your drivers, try again. And there was a little box that could be checked that said don't try to find drivers for this device again. I didn't un-check it. So even though the drivers are now on the computer I can't figure out how to get the little install wizard thing to come back so I can actually get it installed. The program that came with it knows it is there, but when I try to access it it just tells me that the driver failed.

I got it to work on my old computer, but that's not exactly convient to use. So any one out there have any idea how to get the installation wizard back so I can get it to do its thing, tell me to put in my XP disk and then dl the stuff it needs off that?
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Thats it I quit. Mac's are evil. I decided that I'm going to be a good person and go do my graphic design homework. I brave the frezzeing cold and the wind nearly stroung enough the push me back wards. Then finally I'm at the library I go inside, no ones in the Mac lab, thats good. I go to use on of the computers, they're not on. I try to turn it on. No matter what I do it won't turn on. I leave and go back to the dorm.
My only thought as to why they wouldn't start, well besides me non-understanding of Mac's, is that they all got some how messed up last night when the power went out. Oh blah I hop two hours will be enough time for me to get finished with the homework cause thats all the time I'll be able to use one of those evil machines on Mon. the next time the lab will ba open.
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Got bord (whats new there) made two new icons for myself. Froze my computer in the process. (stupid computer can't handel being on the network and resizing a photo in photoshop at the same time) Think I need to really start bugging mom about that new computer she promissed me. I know it make me sound spioled to be getting a new computer for no reason, but i'm so not spoiled. This piece of junk I got before I started college in the fall has more problems then any other computer I have ever seen/heard of/used. I think my mother will never buy another used computer. (at least i hope that she doesn't)
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I am a bad student right now. well sort of. I have been sick for like a week and if i was smart i would have gone home last weekend. but i didnt. so i just went home early this week. i am feeling mush better but i didnt want to go to my lab class tomorrow any way. so i came home. i can be sick and now slee here much better then i can at school. mostly because there wont be any random drunk people here. last night i went into the common room to get a glass of water and one of the guys in there was very drunk and decided to start ryming my name. not what one wants to hear at 1am when they really just want to sleep

and to top it all off my stuid keyboard is on the fritz again.
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note to self remember to defragment hard drive on compter at lest once a week.

I took well over 16 hours to defragment yesterday, and I have no wish to not be able to use my computer for that long a strech again.
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I just spent 2 and a half hours downloading the newest nsync video. It finishes, I get off-line cause I'm not at home and I don't want to tie up the phone line any more then I can help, I go to watch the video and its not on my computer. For what ever reson bacause I got off-line so close to when I finished the download it didn't save on my hard drive. No I have to start all over again and I can't do that until I go home. This really pisses me off.
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Still completly ununpset about being dumped.

What I am mad about is the fact that my roommate won't let me hitch my computer to the only working network port in our room any more. Its realy not my faul that the school is to cheap to actually fix the dang thing so there are two working net work ports. I realy not found of having to sit in the library inorder to check my e-mail and do anything else the I want to on-line, actually this means I can't update my web-site again for a while, not untill I go home next week. This sucks.

Well I guess I should go complain to the computer guy again and see if that helps to get my port fixed, cause if that doesn't get fixed soon, I want a refuned, 1rst semester is almost over and I haven;t been able to get on-line hardly at all, its not right for me to have to pay and then not get what I suposed to.
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Okay that was really messed up. Ian dieing then coming back only its wasn't him it was a copy, a cute and very psycotic copy. And everyone else dieing, Jake, Gabriel, Dante, Irons, the other Ian. I started getting concered that there was no way the PTB's could continue. So in order to leave it open they did the whole lets turn back the clock several months. Eep, they should warn a person before they do that.

In other non tv news my new computer showed up today. It sucks. It didn't come with an operating system, I can't believ my mom did make sure it did, and I can't yell at her she wont be back untill fri. Wich does me little good, I leave for college Sat. and I may have to take my other computer. I did manage to install Windows 98 on to the computer, but its not recognizing its modem, it will wont change its screen area, so its only 640x480 and it only has 16 color as the color setting. Not gonna do me much good with my graphics stuff. Yes its all well and fine that my mom bought me a computer, but I wish she had just bought a new one and not bid on one, and most of all, why didn't she make sure it came with an operating system for gods sake? Somedays I can't stand her.
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hate computers. I just started putting the finishing touches on my advertisings project, a poster about saveing the rain forest, when stupid corel decides to eat the supid thing. Now I have to start all over. I spent an hour getting the clip art I used and now its gone. (I know, I know, save often, I just thought I was immune.)
I hate this, the stupid computer had been behaving. I can't wait untill I can get a new one.
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I'm going to kill mt computer now, I just thought I'd let everyone know that. I was just minding my own business trying to work on my website and the supid thing decided it was going to have a major error problem thing. When I hit any key to continue it restarted. Oh well the last time it did something odd, it just randomly restarted when I was doing something. Arghhhh. If I had another computer I would kill this one.


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