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You know your becoming an adult when someone giving you a new washing machine is the best present ever. Which would be me this evening. I was just looking to buy a used washing machine, my step-father thought I should get a new one. He evidently got another big bonus at work and bought me one. Doesn't want any money for it, just said Merry Christmas. So I said thank you, a lot. It's an LG front loader, evidently consumer reports best buy in its price range, and it works beautifully. It even rebalances itself if it senses that it's vibrating to much. Also makes my used dry look that much shabbier in comparison. But that still works so I should worry about it yet.
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I'd forgotten how much I don't like doing stuff with my step-mother's family. I stick out like a sore thumb amongst all the blond hair blue eye or at least very sedate Mainer looking people. One of my step-cousins, long blond hair, blue eyes, wants to be a model.

I left after a couple hours because I couldn't stand being around them any more. They're all loud. No thanks.

My hairs been purple and fun for months and I guess my step-mother hasn't seen me in that time. Her first question was if my hair was like that when my father had just seen me. Guess he didn't bother to tell her.

On the present front once again my step-grandmother didn't do so well. The gloves aren't to bad, other than the fact the roommate had an identical pair that died pretty quickly. The other thing she gave me was a sparkly silver belt. And its to small. It's by a company that makes stuff for stick figures. And were most of my pants are low-rise, and I've got hips, I might almost be able to get it fastend on the last hole out. Mostly I think I'll be taking it down to Wal-Mart tomorrow and returning it. If they had a bigger one I might almost consider trading it. But I'm pretty sure they don't. Also not sure if sparky silver belts are really me.

My step-aunt and uncle didn't do to bad. They gave me a sugar plum scented bath set. There is body wash and scrub two kinds of lotion, bath salt, and a purple poof. Also in the basket was a hand towel, funky blue socks with music notes and a blue braided bracelet. So that was pretty cool. Not that I have room to stash another bath set.

A plus was that I could use needing to go to Liquid Sunshine to buy hair dye as an excuse to run away. Lucky for me they actually had violet, so tonight when my roommate gets home I'm going to see if I can get her to help me redo my hair in hopes it'll stick to the roots this time.
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I was think about things today, like why I'm so eh about christmas. I'm pretty sure it's because from about 10 on I had 4 or 5 separate christmases every year. It doesn't take long to get old. Plus my mom didn't have a lot of money for presents. So we only set up a big tree every other year and then when we got older not at all, we'd just put up the little ceramic tree. Me getting two presents under/next to the tree was a big deal with Mom. I got little things from Mom's family, and stuff I didn't really care about from my dad's and stepmother's family's. It just stopped being fun.

Now my roommate came from a similar background, divorced parents, poor, and she went completely the other way. Goes all out for christmas breaks the bank on presents for her whole family. Thinks I'm a weirdo for not caring all that much. Seemed astounded that we were only giving each other one present. Personally I give everyone one present. If I want to eat, and I really do, I have to be careful with my money, so that means one small present for everyone I get something for.

Today I realized I still need to get something for my mom. She gave me like 3 thousand dollars towards my student loans for christmas this year. (She's not so poor anymore.)
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I hope now that Christmas is really over. I got one last present this evening. Evidently when Dad and my step-mother were taking down there tree they found a present for me that had been tucked away so good no one remembered it. Also they seemed to think I counted how many presents me and my brothers got, thus knowing I got one less. Frankly I don't care that much. As for the present, its either beautiful or cheesy, I can't really make up my mind. Its a sort of green bead wrist cuff sort of thing. The shade of green is what makes it hard for me to decided. If it was a darker green it would definitely be beautiful, and if it was a brighter one it would be cheesy. So perhaps I'll just settle with its green and shinny.
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Survived work. Barely. My break was like an hour and a half in so the rest of the shift dragged like whoa. After work I shopped, and now other than for H. all my christmas shopping is done. And I got more cloths for work, 2 navy blue shirts and one pair of khaki pants. Probably really need to track down at least one more shirt as I only have 3 navy blue ones and one of them is short sleeved.

My head hurts and my mouth feels a bit on fire, which is really my fault for putting so much salsa on my nachos.
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Now that all my cousins are growing up christmas isn't so bad with Mom's side of the family. I know own Serenity, woot. And my uncle gave me a hundred bucks, and its all going to my poor little car.

Navy boy will be over in an hour and then we're watching Serenity.

Also if ever tempted don't play with old weird dried out crisco, it doesn't come off your hands. I'm glad I only poked it. I've managed to rub most of it off now, but still, ick.
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The degus evidently recognize my foot steps. I didn't know this. I guess they don't start freaking out in the morning until they hear me coming downstairs because they know I'm the one who feeds them. Smart little buggers. Also Hephaestion has stopped going up to the top platform to be fed, because I put in another food dish for her now and she's figured it out. Makes for much quieter mornings.

Second christmas celebration of the year today. It's usually the first, but what with my step-mothers family celebrating so early this year thats not the case. Two more and I'm done, woot. At least tomorrow morning wont be to big a deal. We have low key christmas with mom. I probably wont even have any presents to open, which is fine, I got snow tires and the degu cage already.
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And then the christmas shopping was done. Well I still need to get Dad something. Wal-Mart is very much with the busy even on a Thursday afternoon. Evil place, but I did get a new turtle neck and a skirt for a combine total of 6$. The shirk is one size to big so if I ever manage to lose weight it'll fall off, but for right now it means it sit lower then intended, which is what I was going for.

So now I have a wallet full of ones, and I gave money to the Salvation Army and snubbed some annoying cheerleaders who where trying to raise money. Why they couldn't do it in their own school district is beyond me.
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Today was a good day. Celibrated the family christmass thing a day early cause the weather is suposed to be bad tomorrow. I got the newest Anita Blake book, and have nearly finished it, which is rather impresive seeings how its over four hundred pages long. I also got nearly two hundred dollars, being older then the rest of the neices and nefews and hard to shop has its advatages I'd say.
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Man Am I glad I decided to clean my room. I found some crhistmass cards on the floor and I was opening them up before I though them out. Man was that a good idea. I found a 20 in on of the cards. Now that is real happines, finding christmass money in July, odd sounding but true I found money and I get to keep it. Happines abounds.


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