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The moment my cat flops heavily on to the couch next to me is the moment I know I'm no longer allowed to be using my computer because if I don't start patting the cat she will be on top of my laptop.
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This is T's cat Rosa. She's a very strange cat.
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One of the fucking kittens crapped in the bathroom sink. I want these stupid cats gone yesterday.
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Sweeping is a good way to keep a fairly impressive number of kittens entertained. However then you have to deal with The Lone Kitten's frequent and often high speed attacks on the broom.
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knitting is hard when there is a kitten attached to your knitting needle on one side and one attacking the yarn on the other. Plus one sitting on your knee watching Top Gear.
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So the kitten I want to keep, which is actually the one my brothers gf fell in love with it has more personality than my original favorite, just took off after the mom's into the kitchen. And Sophia proceeded to freak out and haul the poor kitten back into the living room. Litter box training may be difficult if they wont let the kittens go that far. I did put a kitten sized box of litter near the dresser so they may still get it. It's about where I had to clean up a kitten accident earlier so I figured that was as good a spot as any.
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Aww look at the sleepy kittens.

kitty pile!

Nov. 2nd, 2008 01:16 am
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In other less cute news I actually started working on Nano finally. I've got less than 300 words, but it's something right?
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So I went to bed early for me. But I've only been up for about 30 min. Because the wonderful Sophia woke me up at 4am trying to get into my closet. I yelled at her she stopped I went back to sleep. For 20 min before she did it again. So I picked her up and put her on my bed, where she stayed and was quiet. Unfortunately I back decided it didn't like all the getting up and startling cause of weird noises and promptly put me in excruciating pain. So I lay awake for 2 hours trying to get comfortable. Then the cat decided to go back to attacking my closest door. So she got throw out of my room and I closed the door. Which she fortunately didn't scratch at too much. At some point after 6am I went back to sleep. And slept until almost 1. Oops? Guess I'm not going to Auburn to job hunt today, buy the time I get motivated to move it'll just be time to go to Dad's for He-Man's birthday dinner. That reminds me I should make him a poorly spelled birthday card. That's what he gave me this year, even misspelled my name. So it's only fair. And then I wont get in trouble for not getting him anything. Which is I suspect why I actually got a card from him this year. Birthday's and Christmas are times we pretend we don't have to money to get each other stuff and that we'll get something for each other later. What this really means is we'll just buy ourselves something we want with the money we didn't spend on each other. It works for us.
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I have a probably pregnant cat laying on my arm and shoulder purring in my ear. It would be cute but she's starting to get heavy so not so much once my arm starts going numb, but it is better than the time she was laying on my elbow and it felt like it was going to pop out of joint. I did move at that point.
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So I was just in the kitchen, looking out the window. Heard the sound of a cat jumping on something. Turned around. Bella had tried to jump on the piece of counter with the sink in it. And hadn't made it. She has hanging from her front feet with a hind foot sort of wedged in by the hinge for a cabinet door. I may have laughed a lot.
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i have a fire going in the wood stove, a warm lap top on my lap and a purring cat. if said cat wasn't laying half on my neck half on my chest life would really be perfect.

in other news tomorrow I may be getting a new to me chinchilla cage, it is a 6 level monstrosity and is only $100, which is the only reason I'm buy another cage, cause that sucker would be a whole hell of a lot more if I bought it new. now to just hope the girl gets back to me about it, it's in portland and the invisible roommate will heading that way tomorrow.
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Well I seem to have been adopted by one of the cats, Trump. He's chillin' in my room with me right now. Have seen both Bella and Sophia now. Have actually patted Bella. Sophia has only been seen from the corner of my eye.

edit: have now seen the elusive Sophia. Still haven't gotten close enough to pet her though. Trump seems a little destructive in that he wants to climb my walls to get a better look at stuff on them.
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Ahahaha chinchilla face just found a pair of my roommates earrings. I'm sitting on the chair watching TV with Lemur running around on me and the chair. I glance over as she makes several frantic jumps from the back of the chair to my shoulder and back, and notice there was something in her mouth. The roommate had evidently left a pair of hoop earrings, hooked together, on the back of the chair. And Lemur found them and was running around holding them. Luckily she let go when I grabbed them from her.

She's now in her cage again because after that Lex got a little to frisky with the trying to get her and managed hit her hard enough to make her squeak. I liked it better when he was so afraid of her he ran away when she moved towards him.
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sleepy kitty with his tongue sticking out

I have to go to work in half an hour, I don't wanna go.
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I was going to finishes watching th Forever Knight episode I started before work. But I'm currently pinned to my computer chair by a cat and the remote is out of reach.

If only the cats here sat in my lap more often, then I wouldn't feel bad moving them. But I get Sass cuddles about one every couple weeks, so I don't want to ruin it.
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Because when I do inevitably someone call the house. In this case to see if I'll come into work 2 hours early. Which yay money, but at the same time, I'd really like to still be asleep right now.

Although I should have seen this coming it is Tuesday, which is a big freight day, the full time cashier is still sickish and in the middle of a couple other projects around the store.

In none work news Lex climbed on my nightstand this morning and for unknown reasons stuck his paw in the glass of water I keep on it at nights. He's just a funny cat, I keep telling the roommate that eventually he's going to like take a shower or swim or something like that.
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So I heard weird noises from the vicinity of my bed. Cat related noises. Like possibly vomiting. There was a cat on my bed, Lex, and he ran for it when he saw me. So I got a flashlight and checked under the bed since I didn't see anything on it. All I found was a ripped open condom wrapper, and a condom. The last occupant of my room had condoms stashed all over the place. And evidently Lex found one and ripped it open.

Although me and the roommate though we'd found all the condoms and got ride of them because we got sick of Lex running out of my room with them in his mouth. Although he was leaving them in the wrapper at that point.
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Okay the cats are trying to kill each other. Mostly under my bed for some reason. I will never understand animals.

Oh and the degus are trying to kill each other over food. Like always. I guess they like the new food, because there is no way either of them actually finished all there food yet.
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Well I have discovered the one people food Lex will eat, black olives. This is the cat who wont even eat sandwich meat, but he eats black olives.

Don't ask me I don't understand either.


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