Mar. 14th, 2012 02:04 pm
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Okay so Jazz is all fixed. Except one little thing that wasn't noticeable until the bumper cover came off. So everything is painted or repainted, or mildly straightened, but because of one clip, I believe, it can't go back together. So its on its way from Portland on a truck right now. And I need to call back at 3:30 to see if it made it up in time.

This isn't the garages fault so I can't blame them but it is still really frustrating that this was only supposed to be one night stay for my car and now its more of a I might be lucky and get it back before tomorrow morning. Which I really hope it doesn't come down to because I have to be to work at 9 and I don't really want to have to walk over and brave crossing 4 lanes of traffic to get my car, if it's later today I can probably get my landlady to drive me over.
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Well that's handy. The garage I use for body repair is a State Farm preferred garage. Or something like that. Which means I've had about 5 steps cut out of getting my car fixed because the garage can take the photos and everything for State Farm rather than them sending an adjuster out. Plus when I go in Monday for an estimate he'll have all the information all ready. And State Farm will cover a rental for me. And the only rental agency in the area is one that State Farm deals with easily. So thats good too. Although I'm hoping the repair will be a one day thing so I wont need to worry about getting a rental, but it's good to have a back up.

Now this has been two car damage issues in like 4 months, I'm hoping I can go a couple more years before the next one, or you know not have anymore.
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We're having yet another snow storm. And people can be stupid. I was almost back to my apartment, stopped to make the turn and the guy behind me wasn't paying attention and swiped my rear bumper and ended himself in someone's front yard. He's okay, and I'm okay. My car needs a new rear bumper and his probably needs more than that. Ugh.
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T. gave me one of my Christmas presents early yesterday. It's an interactive tribble. It is wonderfully and cute and I need to name it. And possibly take it to work to stave off boredom at work. It was good timing to get it actually yesterday. Otherwise yesterday sucked.

I was diving to mom's in the morning during the mini snowstorm and the person a head of me wasn't paying attention to traffic. And because she was in a SUV and I was in Jazz I couldn't see around her. Out of the blue she slammed on her brakes and swerved for the shoulder, allowing me to see the car stopped in the road turning. So I hit my brakes and, as I didn't have my snow tires on yet and was going to pick them up, my brakes locked up because I lost traction and I ran into the back of the SUV. Fortunately my car wasn't going very fast and there was no damage to either car but it was unsettling. I much more used to ending up in ditches by myself not nearly taking someone else out.

So I got my snow tires did laundry and made it safely back to Farmington and went to work where I had my snow tires put on. Turns out Jazz needs an alignment as three out of four tires on the car were bald on the inside, which probably contributed to the nearly bad accident. So now I have 4 months to try and save up the money for new tires and should really get an alignment as soon as I have the money. So really the tribble saved the day.
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Meh had to be up early to call the garage about having the car in again. Passenger side window doesn't like to go up or down anymore. Got a hold of the garage, and don't need to bring the car in until 1pm. Maybe I'll try and go back to sleep.
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I feel like I'm never going to see my beloved Jazz Spencer Smith again. He's going to be in the garage well into next week because they didn't even get him in until Wednesday. And then to add insult to injury the replacement right front fender showed up damaged and the replacement for that will hopefully be arriving today. *headdesk*

This is going to make going out for Valentine's Day a little difficult where me and T. currently have no transportation.

Plus I misses my car. *pout*
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So Jazz is in the garage now getting all that nasty damage fixed. But the garage is not working as fast as normal so I may not get him back until next week. Also it turns out that the reason it couldn't go in last week is actually my uncle. Who the garage was having trouble getting a hold of to see when he was bringing his truck in.


Dec. 1st, 2008 04:05 pm
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Got the estimate done on my car. Rounding it's $5000 in damages to my $16000 car. Okay so it's actually $4800, but at that point what difference does another $200 make?

Also got my car registered and set up an appointment to have snow tires put on. And the insurance company called me before the auto body shop closed so I called the garage back and had them fax the estimate over for me. The plus side of all of this is that I wont have to re-do the pin striping on the car, that's been worked into the estimate so someone else can deal with it not me.

Got everything I need for food except cereal. Oops. Oh well I'll live, I can have toast.
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So I went out to close up the hole in the head light with clear tape and discovered there are scuff marks on the wheel cover which means there is a good possibility of damage to the suspension. But in good news the hood still opens, and the passenger side door despite being slightly dented still opens. The Hood prop fits a little tighter than it used to which concerns me. I wasn't going more than 40 when this all happened, I was probably going less than 40 actually, but you know, looking at the speedometer is the last thing one worries about in a crash. 45 would have been top speed because I was staying to the speed limit but I'm pretty sure I was going under at that point because I'd just come up a hill.

Stupid road sign.

Monday I need to get an estimate done on the car, and get it registered and possibly set up an appointment to get snow tires put on.
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So Mom is going to buy me snow tires, pay my insurance deductible and my registration fee. This will be my christmas present from her. She wanted to pay down my student loan more, but this is more of a concern than a bill that's paid up until 2011 already.

Also I checked and it was almost exactly 3 years to the day that I went off the road with the beetle and did 2000$ worth of damage to it. That wonderful occasion occurred on Nov. 26th 2005 while driving the back way to my Dad's house in a snow storm. So basically in three years at the end of Nov. if I need to drive somewhere in the snow I should avoid back roads. Because I think it was about 3 years before that that I nearly went off the road with the Beast.

pictures of my poor car )
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There is more damage to the car than I thought. The whole right side is scratched and there is a dent in the rear fender. Damn it.

In other news my mom's response to me getting in a car accident is still to throw snow tires at me. I'm waiting for her to call back and then I'll see if she'll just pay my deductible instead. I don't think snow tires would have helped me a whole lot in the with this one as I wasn't the only car having problems with the hill/corner combo, I was just the only one who managed to get in the wrong spot coming down it.
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I survived my first full day of work. My car, not so much.

I went off the road on the way in, thanks to the road sign I now need a new bumper, head light, fender and mirror all on the passanger side of the car. Ugh. I can't even afford to register it let alone pay my insurance deductible.

I'm trying not to be stressed by all this, but it's really hard.
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Well the good news is my grandmother is fine. And the accident wasn't her fault. And in all likely hood the car isn't totaled. However the trunk and rear bumper and possibly the gas tank need to be replaced, and the driver side rear quarter panel.
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Oy, my grandmother wrecked her car last night. She usually lasts longer than a year with a car. And I haven't showered in like 4 days and I need to go pick her up now. Oops?

The icon of my car is appropriate because she had the four door version.
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For once I would like a car where I don't keep having problems. Jazz took a sticker, but needs an alignment. There is a wear pattern on all four tires. Which means that it's been out since before I rotated the tires. Which means that the Honda people didn't catch it when I was in there in Oct., I rotated the tires befor then so it should have been visible. And some how I don't think having the inside edge of the tires wear more than the outside is something it should be doing. *headdesk*

All the guys at work think I should be able to get Honda to fix it for free where the car has so few miles on it, me I am less sure, I'm going to call Mom when she gets home and talk to her about it. And then probably spend at least part of tomorrow on the phone with the Honda dealership trying not to a) yell at them or b) cry.

I think I'm going to sit here and eat twizzlers and try to drown my unhappiness in good fic.
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Okay the across the road neighbor is doing target practice and scaring the crap out of the dog. He hiding under my desk at the moment.

And I was a good girl and called the call dealership and set up an appointment on Wen. And it's even in the afternoon so I'll still get to sleep in on my day off. And the best part of it all is that my car will probably be there a couple hours and it wont cost me a thing. Score. I'm sticking it to the man or something. Well one would expect them to fix manufacturing defects for free, but still. Free, just the oil change alone will save me over 20$ And Dee will no longer be terrified to ride in my car. Which is problem since I was going to drive to the concerts since she drives some sort of gas guzzling SVU and I drive Jazz the gas sipping Civic.

Now lets hope I still remember how to get to the dealership. And then home again. Augusta is a very scary place to drive sometimes.
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I remembered what I wanted to post about earlier.

My car, my pretty pretty Jazz, has a safety recall. So now I have to figure out when I can get to Augusta and get it to the dealership. And then waste the entire day there.

Boo hiss.

Also which sounds better: 'You have the road sense of a dead squirrel.' or 'You have the street smarts of a dead squirrel.'
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Someone hit my car at the freaking gas station. And because I'm tired and fed up with everything I just told the guy to leave. There really wasn't that much damage, well technically the whole front fender now needs to be replaced probably. But it was all cosmetic damage. A crack in fact, which is what happens when large trucks rub up against plastic cars.
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So we finally got some snow. Not a lot, it'll probably melt if the sun comes out.

In other news I didn't actually get to sleep until after 5 this morning.

Three people, but only two cars are missing from the house. And I actually wanted to talk to my brother.

I found out last night that my front breaks are currently only a little more effective than dragging you feet on the ground. The only way I'm going to be able to afford to get them fixed is the fact mom said she'd pay for it as my christmas present.

But so back to my brother he told me that my bad gas millage is because of the breaks, but as its not determined my breaks are the problem I'm guessing that the intermittent squealing/squeaking noise from the front of the car is because of that, and well my cars been making that noise for a lot longer than I've been getting bad millage, that's only happened since I had the work done. But that also means the breaks were bad then and the tech that worked on my car gave it nothing in the way of a safety inspection. Because my car right not doesn't exactly count as safe.

Gaah!!!! I hate this car sometimes. It's only 6 years old, the breaks shouldn't be failing in spectacular ways already, in fact I'm pretty sure mom worked on the front breaks right after we got the car, two years ago. And when we checked them last, they were still good for a year or more.
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I'm not being a responsible adult today, I should be calling VIP and making sure the oil gets changed in my car. But I hate phones and calling people, and I've already been on the phone a lot for this particular trip to the garage and if I'd been smarter I would have made sure they were still changing the oil one of the times they called me yesterday. He-Man told me to buy oil and a filter and do it myself. Frankly with this car I'd rather let someone else deal with it. So if its not done I'll probably just take it to the Prompto next to work tomorrow or Friday.

Meh cars are so much work.


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