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Today we say good-bye to a dear friend. Jazz, my Honda Civic that I owned for a month shy of 7 years. Today he was traded in for a 2013 Hyundai Veloster Turbo, in black. Ugh it is such a gorgeous car. It's new, only had 109 miles on it. Got a good deal. Have to run Jazz's summer tires and the title down to the dealership on Monday. Title was forgotten just because I was running late, didn't know that they would want the summer tires as well. Very happy about all this. Will have a photo or 2 on Monday. Won't have to light to get any photos around my shift at work tomorrow.
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I got to drive the NSX today. Which really was why I decided to try and re-learn how to drive a standard. It was actually a lot easier to drive than the Scion and I stalled a lot less. Also I can die happy now because I love that car. If Mom still has it when she dies there will probably be a knock down drag out fight between me and He-man over who gets it if her will doesn't specify.
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Had a very nice Easter dinner/Birthday with my family today. My grandmother gave me a lovely pair of freshwater pearl earring. My mom brought a cheese cake sampler and everyone sang happy birthday. And my youngest cousin and his friend evidently polished off the cheese cake so I didn't get to bring any home. Not that I needed it, the cake T. and I picked up yesterday is still in the fridge.

Got to see Mom's new car too. It's a '97 Mustang SVT Cobra with less than 50000 original miles. It's got a new engine, transmission, suspension and exhaust system I believe and it's super charged. Yet another reason why I need to relearn how to drive a manual transmission, between that and her NSX I really wants to play with the toys.
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Today I am in acting part one of what I've been calling in my head, OMG Gas Cost How Much?!

I bought a bike. A very nice purple Mongoose mountain bike. A 21 speed with a shock absorber connected to the seat and an aluminum frame. May end up buying a better seat for it though, the little skinny one it came with doesn't work well with my not as skinny behind.

Now I need to get myself slowly used to biking again and build up to biking the 4 miles to work on the ATV trail that starts right across from my apartment. There is a guy in my department at work who lives with in sight of my place and he's probably going to start biking as well. I told him we could be bike buddies.

Point of interest on this post, took me like four tries to spell exercise close enough to correct for the spell check to understand what I was trying to spell. I spelled aluminum right on the right try. I'm not sure how I managed that.

Fast Five

May. 14th, 2011 03:31 pm
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So I just saw Fast Five and now I want to go drive stupid fast in my car. Which is a fairly typically reaction for me. I enjoyed the movie, but thought it need more car stuff and less gun fights. Also its probably good )

So yes the movie was fun now I want to drive to fast. Or borrow Mom's car. She has a car like the one Mia drives at the beginning. Only with a wide body kit and a far cooler black paint job. The NSX's really look a lot better with the wide body kits actually.
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Test drove one of the new Ford Fiestas today. I think I made Jazz jealous. I did quite like the car, but the one that was the style I'd want had way more options than I had any need for. The poor sales man really wanted to sell me one, but I want to get my hands on the Fiat 500 Abath before I make any decisions. Plus Jazz isn't paid off yet. Not I plan to keep him more than 8 years, because that's when the warranty on the engine block expires and then I'd be stuck paying for a new engine if the coolante decides to leak into the engine block after it expires.
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I just realized that the day I got Jazz back from the garage was his two year birthday.

Happy belated Birthday my beloved Jazz Spencer Smith!
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Just picked Jazz up from the garage and he is as good as new now. Woot. Have an appointment tomorrow at 1:30 to get him inspected and then I shall be all kinds of road legal and stuff. Well if he passes and I'll be a little miffed if he doesn't.

T. has gone to work and I'll see him tomorrow night. The probably just go up with him Sunday night and help them getting stuff set up Monday before coming back down. Need to drive my grandmother to the airport at 2am Tuesday morning so I'll be spending Monday evening/night at her place. She's going to Brazil, must be nice.

Tomorrow I also need to stop at a place in town that is evidently hiring. Yeah if I get it it'll be a hike once I'm moved, but it'll at least be a job and some money coming in so I can try and make my car payment on my own. T. doesn't really want to have to pay that for me and I don't really want to end up so dependant on him that I need him to do that for me.
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The Bad: I just had to pay $4.06 a gallon for gas.

The Good: Jazz just got 46 miles to the gallon on his last tank of gas. \o/
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Well it looks like I'm actually going to get stuff accomplished today after all. The dog has been walked and I even made it over to Mom's to clean Jazz. Mind you I didn't give him a bath this time. Just rinsed him off. However the inside was vacuumed, widexed and armoraled were applicable. So he's all spring cleaned. I even took out the front floor mats and hosed them off.

Now I need to start thinking about getting me clean, I have to leave in about two hours so I have a little time to goof off still.
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So gas is over $3.50 a gallon. But on a plus side Jazz got 41.8 mpg on the last tank of gas. This is probably the only reason I didn't cry about having to pay $22.13 for just a tick over six gallons of gas.
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Made it to Auburn and back. Go me. Hub driver's friends are pretty cool, had a good time hanging out with everyone. A bunch of us went and saw Forgetting Sarah Marshall after we left the bar. Movie was actually decent. Saw way more of the male lead than I ever wanted to.

Was a good day. Now have really bad headache. Sleep soon I think.

Oh that's right I got about 150 miles on a quarter tank of gas. Go Jazz.
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Today is far to nice a day for work. Sadly I'm leaving in half an hour for just that.

On a good note Jazz Spencer Smith is all clean and shiny and sparkley again. I got the worst of the scratches and chips touched up and sealed with hard wax. As that was a somewhat time consuming process I only managed to get all upwardly facing surfaces waxed. But that is way better than nothing.

He-Man walked past the car while I was waxing and told me I was either doing a really good job or a really bad one. Silver makes it hard to tell where there is or isn't wax, or if it just looks like none but there is really a fine layer of it. However He-Man didn't take my hint to help me get the roof. Stupid brothers.

Another thing about silver cars. They hide scratches way to well when just slightly dirty. Ugh so many scratches from snow bankings. Also have decided that in order to make a sliver look nice and not scratched is to let it have just a little dirt all over then you can't see any problems with the paint.

You'd think I'd have figured that out already what with El Bubble and The Beast both being silver.
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So yesterday I asked Mom if it was okay if I went over and washed my car today. She said sure. I asked if everything I needed was easily found/out. She said yes.

Evidently she thinks you don't need a sponge, a bucket or a nozzle for the hose to wash a car. *headdesk* So really Jazz got rinsed off and I managed to scrub the patch tar off his door. Really if I'd found a bucket I would have been okay. I used a rag to get the tar off and used my thumb to spray the water from the hose.

So today at work I'm going to buy a bucket and a sponge and hope for good weather tomorrow as well. Might buy touch up paint too. He's got a scratch on his door that might need it and two chips on the hood. Poor car.
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So work was dead like a dead thing all day. I think I've now looked at pretty much every page of our 2008 special order catalog. Also I found a cold air intake and a performance exhaust for my car.

Tomorrow is probably going to be more of the same. I think tomorrow I will find out how much the shinny toys for my car cost.
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Today was a good day. I had way to much soda and five pieces of pizza at work. Plus I got to take the left over pizza, a whole pizza!, home.

Also we've got oil change/tire rotation packages on sale right now. So I had that done, only cost me $20.09, which is more than the sale price, but not bad considering my car doesn't take the bulk oil, and randomly has a 4.6 quart system. So any who Jazz Spencer Smith is all happy for another 6,000 miles or so, oil wise any way.

Went to mom's. She trimed my hair for me. I'm sure no one at work will notice, but it does look different to me. Also I told her the sale and now I'm making her an appointment for Wednesday to have her oil changed and tires rotated. If I was better at driving a stick I'd just bring the car in for her tomorrow. But I'm not, so for now it'll just have to be when she can make it in. I swear this summer, I'm going to learn how to drive a stick if it kills me.

In other news I bought turquoise liquid eyeliner. Consequently I'm now wearing turquoise eyeliner. It looks pretty green to me, but I still like it. It's much more vivid than the purple I bought a couple months ago. Although it doesn't look so hot with the bronze eyeshadow I put on this morning.

All the soda and caffeine is starting to catch up with me, I'm getting twitchy. This should be fun, to much caffeine, plus time change, plus early morning tomorrow. I'm going to have to prop my eyelids open at work.
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As much as I couldn't stand Neurotic!Manager when he started, he's not that bad. Yesterday I was talking about how I want to put 17" wheels on my car with 215/45/17 tires. And he checked in the little tire size ratio checker thing and told me that VIP couldn't put them one because the outside diameter of the tire would be to far off from what came on the car, and also that it wouldn't pass inspection with those on it. Which I told him was no biggy I was planning to get the tires mounted there and put them on myself, and as for inspection, my sticker is up in Jan. so I wouldn't have 17's on it anyway then. Today he told me that I could put those tires on after all because it was a size that a Civic could come with, even if it wasn't the one I had. He checked with a state inspector who had to call his boss to find out for sure. Mind you Neurotic!Manager did this all with no promoting from me. All in all I thought that was very nice of him.

In other car news Jazz is a very very dirty boy, as in he's in serious need of a bath. But there is no way I'm washing him until the weather warms up. And I'm not paying to go to a car wash. Am considering throwing some water on him tomorrow to see if I can at least rinse some of the salt and road grime off.
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Work was pretty slow today. Slow enough that I ended up going out in the parking lot and checking to see if Jazz needed a new air filter. He did. So I bought one and filled up his washer fluid too. Yay for car maintenance?

When I'm feeling less poor I may order a K&N air filter. Which could help his gas millage. Plus it never needs to be replaced, just cleaned. It does however cost as much as 5 regular air filters. Thus the waiting until I feel less poor thing. I still need to get new glasses.
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I brought Jazz Spencer Smith home one year ago today. Not that he had that name a year ago. He had no name until I saw Transformers, then he was Jazz. Spencer Smith came into play last month. I love him just as much now as when I brought him home. Possibly more.

Yes I'm a dork who is celebrating buying a car, you gonna make something of it?

Today was either dead or insane at work today. Am glad it was my Friday.
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Jazz (Spencer Smith) is now back in tip top shape. Woot. Sadly the pet store was not hiring and they didn't even have an application I could fill out. I cheered myself up by going to the art supply store next door. I was good I just bought one tube of paint in a color I needed and some liquin. Then I went to mom's and got my pad of canvas paper and picked up a couple of my paintings that I'd wanted to hang in my room, but didn't have. Now I'm going to do nothing. If i get ambisious I might do dishes. The degu cage I'm leaving for tomorrow.


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