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Jane Eyre
American Gods
The Hobbit
Fahrenheit 451
Hitchhicker's Guide to the Galaxy
The Girl Who Played with Fire
Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell

Maybe I should try finishing 3 or 4 of those before I start something else.
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So I just finished reading Dead Beat, the seventh Dresden Files book and it has a zombie dinosaur in it. I was going to put that behind a cut, but it's not really giving anything away. Plus, zombie dinosaur, how cool is that?
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So Drama!Student recommended a book to me at work the other week, Glory Road by Robert A. Heinlein, and then he found his copy and loaned it to me. It is evidently his favorite book. Ever. It wasn't bad. It did however drag at the end. Mostly cause the first half or so is all about adventure and a quest. Then it's over and ennui sets in for the main character and things just lag until the end where he decides to find a new quest. Not sure if I'd ever bother to read it again, but it wasn't bad. There were dragons well dragony dinosaurs, and dragons are always cool
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I wonder if Hollywood is giving I Am Legend a happier ending than the books has. I read it years ago and I just reread it today. They certainly changed things just from what I've seen in the previews. I'm still going to see it though. If for no other reason than to see if they change the ending.
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Harry Potter, maraton reading insanity, only took 5 hours )
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Yay new books. I got the new Anita Blake one, which I've already read, and the first two books in The Dresden Files series. Those I will be starting just as soon as I finish the book I'm on.

Also I just spent like 60 bucks on food. But yay for actually having some now.

And it's like 80 in the house still. Me no likey.
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So I bought Blood & Chocolate today. And a somewhat insipid book called Stray. It has werecats. And when I don't want to smack the main character she's not that bad.

edit: also I drew a comic at work. Called Adventures of the Free-Range Cashier. I drew it while at my register on receipt tape and with a permanent marker I found at the register, I left in in the break room. Lets see if there are any repercussions when I go in on Thur.
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So I just read the new Anita Blake book. In one sitting. Lucky for me the guy my roommate likes called and asked her out for drinks, otherwise I would have had to give it up two hours ago.

The verdict is that I liked it, it was better than the last couple, it had plot, and bad guys to defeat, and Edward, and creepy Olaf. Also only three sex scenes in the whole thing and there wasn't more than two people involved in any of them.

I'll probably re-read it when my copy shows up in a week or so.
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So I saw Blood & Chocolate. Possibly the best werewolf movie I've seen. I like the transformation. Of course I watched it and then walked myself home in the dark. Good thing from the roommate's Mom's to here is shorter than my Mom's driveway.

So I know everyone hates Laurell K. Hamilton and Anita Blake books now, but the new one is out. The roommate bought the last copy at Mr. Paperback so I ordered it on-line. It sounds like it has a plot. Plus Edward is back.
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So I've just finished watching Dune and Children of Dune again. If you've never read the books you feel bad for Leto at the end. But feel that things are starting to look up just a little.

But if you've read the books like I have, you just end up wondering where it all goes wrong. By God Emperor Leto is the craziest tyrant ever. Plus the whole not even humanoid any more thing. He's just bad and evil. And the only time I don't hate him in the entire book is when he's dieing. Then I just feel sad for him.

Actually now I want to reread Dune Messiah, and God Emperor of Dune. Children of Dune I think I can skip it took me two or three tries to read it the first time. Unfortunately my Dune books have been packed.

I wish I still had a Dune icon. I used to have one someone made right after Children of Dune aired of Leto climbing out of the sand I think. But it was lost in the great hard drive crash of '03.
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no really I am, or I was. I just finished a really good book trilogy that I borrow from one of my friends months ago and then forgot to read. The Last Herald Mage trilogoy by Mercedes Lackey. It was really good. But lots of it was really sad. When ever the main character found love he lost it some how. But any way it was really good and every one should read it.

In other more coherent news I have succesfully and for no appaent reason downloaded the second half of Queen of the Damned. I'm am now debating weather i should watch it or not because I haven't seen the first half yet, but I have read the book about four times. I'll pabaly watch it, its either that or do homework or sleep.
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Note to self: Don't read Harry Potter books unless really really board, or well on the way to drunk. Other wise I can't stand them.

In other news its very cold outside to day and the heat in my car is almost working. It doesn't really produce heat, but at lest it makes the air just this side of freezing, just warm enough to keep my fingers from falling off while I drive.

I saw a very funny movie today Cecil B. Demeted (sp?) I saw a preview once and thought it looked interesting. It was but parts of it hed me and the friends I was watching with wondering what the rating was and if the youngest one of us should be watching it. But a good time was still had by all. Espessaily when one of the characters said he was assamed to be a heterosexual. That got a big cheer out of us.
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Today was a good day. Celibrated the family christmass thing a day early cause the weather is suposed to be bad tomorrow. I got the newest Anita Blake book, and have nearly finished it, which is rather impresive seeings how its over four hundred pages long. I also got nearly two hundred dollars, being older then the rest of the neices and nefews and hard to shop has its advatages I'd say.
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Took the boyfriend home this weekend to meet the family. And suprizingly they didn't hate him and my dad didn't freak out that I was dating someone with blue hair. One of my grandmothers wasn't found of him, but she doesn't count because the only one of my boyfrinds she didn't hate was the one in the navy.

I'm som tierd right now, I didn't get enough sleep last night so I'm still tierd from the three hour drive back to school. Oh well, maybe I'll get some sleep tonight, unless my bitchy room mate comes in and wakes me up when she goes to bed, then wakes me up when she gets up in the morning, god I hate having a room mate.


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