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Man eating plants!!! It eats a strict diet of vegetarians.

Called Jordan re tomorrow. Predictably he was in a car with Jesse going to band practice so that meant he couldn't tell me. Instead we pretended I'd called about Sat. He's calling me back later, hopefully.
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I worked on the drawing I posted a couple days, just a little bit more.
I thought the guitar need a little more detail. And now I have it.

Party is tomorrow I guess. Haven't heard from Jordan yet though. Was going to call him tonight, may still do so, but I've got to drive my grandmother to Salem tonight for some meeting. Or discussion. Something to do with her running for office anyway. It starts at 6:30 and who knows how long it'll run so I may end up sneaking out to call. Because really if Jordan remembers to call me about it, it'll be tomorrow night, two seconds from when the party starts, or after it's started. And with how long it'll take me to get there, that's not so much of a good idea.
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I'm planning on giving it to Jesse for his birthday. Well that is if Jordan remembers to call me and give me details for the party. I may have to call him.

However I need to get a better photo before I give it away. Because I'm pretty happy with how it came out.
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This is Soundbender the band I've been babbling about off and on for a while now. I'm not sure if I'm happy with how it came out or if I'm going to work on it more, or just start over. It didn't take all that long, plus if I do it again I could put it on marker paper which might work better than paper out of a cheap sketch pad.
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So I've spent a pretty good chunk of today outside. Am just that much closer to being brown like my native american ancestors. I just lazied about outside painting and reading a book and sealing bits of wood. Was a good day.
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So my aunt finally paid me, and my stimulus check came in. I can haz money? Although I can't for the life of me figure out how much my stimulus check was for. Possibly my math is farther off than normal, but I'm usually dead on with my bank statements. All I've got is less than 500 but more than 400. Which makes doesn't match any amount I could have gotten. So I is confused. But I can make my car payment and pay the rest of my rent and even go to the race on Sunday, maybe. I may be a horrible person and just sleep all day.

I've hauled home a small brush pile of interestingly shaped blueberry bush pieces. A couple that are like frames. Today I bought new paint brushes and dark blue paint. However the paint is acrylic and the brushes are for oil. As you can tell I am unable to make up my mind what medium I want to work in. I'm leaning towards oils because those are shinny and I think a shinny painting framed by a dull blueberry bush piece would be a good contrast.

I think the dog isn't going to make me walk him today. This makes me really happy. Although I think it's cause he's not feeling well. He was outside getting sick earlier.
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Look at the very cool, one older than me, license plates she gave me. I'm doing a sculpture and they will be involved. I like how the top one is all cracked and weathered looking. The bottom one was on a Mustang my mom went of the road with so it's all beat up already. Mom also loaned my so tin snips so I can cut them up if I want to.

My roommate thinks I'm a freak because I was all excited about old license plates. This thing if it ever fully forms is going to be awesome. And called died while driving. I also have a Vermont trailer plate I found on the side of the road last summer, I'm not sure if I'm going to use it or not.
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I now declare desk lamps grow metal trees a completed work of something. [ profile] bluejbird I hope you like this one as well!

My roommate actually likes this one so that's pretty cool.


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Now I just need to figure out what I'm doing next. I still have at least half of the cotter pins left. So I can probably get two maybe three more sculptures out of it.
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I'm pretty sure I had a dream last night that I was dating Bob from MCR.

Also I'm pretty sure the the treeish scupltur is almost done.
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The tree sculpture has a name now.

My roommate probably thinks I'm nuts right now. But I'm just, I don't know how to really say it. But like my creativity has been pretty dead since college. And like I know where this sculpture is going and I'm all twitchy with happiness. Plus both the sculptures are really fun to photograph. I'm just...happy I guess. Like really really happy. And I don't know what to do with it. But it's great on a monumental level. It's even over ruling the whole losing my earring thing.

Artistic frenzies are good for my soul. Well this one is. The last sort of one mostly involved some distressingly emo writing and an urge to cut myself. This one is so opposite of that one. The world is great and I'm just coming up with more ideas the longer I go. And it's wonderful.

I fear however that my good words are gone, I keep repeating myself.
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I decided to call it Dangers of Everyday Objects. Not that battier terminal cleaners and cotter pins are all that everyday to the world at large. [ profile] bluejbird I hope you like getting to see these.

I would like it stated that it kind of hurt to hold this thing. Which is my own fault, I cut the ends of almost all of the twisted up pins so they would be sharp.

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What can I say this thing is really fun to photograph. Consider yourselves lucky I took over 40 pics of it originally and kept 30 of them.
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The tree got a little more done to it, so photos of it. The other one is done and named. That post to follow.

are you sure this is a tree? )

Have I said how happy I am that I've managed to find my creativity again? Because I really am.
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It's not done yet, but this photo came out so good I'm sharing with the world again. The tree one is kind of stalled. Partly because it's a bit unstable and I'm waiting for things to set a little more, and partly because I've always been one to make nearly impossible plans when it comes to building things out of glue and small objects.
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So after spending almost half an hour shoveling snow I still got stuck in the driveway this morning. It was warmish out so I'm guessing the car settled in the snow. But I got out and even made it to work. And some how wasn't late.

But now my back is killing me and my mom tells me there is more snow on the way. Think anyone would notice if I just hibernated until April?

In other news I bought epoxy at work. The super glue I've been using isn't working so well on the cotter pins so I thought I'd try something else.

I've had one person express an interest in seeing the sculptures I'm currently working on. I wasn't going to post pics until they were done. Then I changed my mind, so dear f-list if you so chose you can see them being created. Well you can see what they look like at what ever time in the process I take a break and take a photo. Today you get to see the start. I'm fairly proud with how far I got yesterday.

Cotter Pin Creations )

In other lets watch me go crazy with the art stuff the service manager at work offered to bring in a case of paint stirrers for me. I have no idea what I'll make out of them, but yay more materials. And materials I can go bigger with...I really need a studio. Or at least a room I could use like one.

Think my roommate would notice if I throw out a bunch of the junk in the den and made myself a little work area?
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Mother is rearranging things again. Which means the paintings I'm storing in the hall have to move. She's going to hang up the unfinished one. How ever Naked!Man which is finished has to remain hidden because for unknown reasons its the only piece of art I've created that she can't stand.


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