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Today is going to be a long day. Have an 8 hour shift and last night I slipped on the ice and fell down landing on my left hip, also know as the hip being pulled out of place by my back problems, or my bad hip. Ugh. Took something for the pain but it's only taken the edge off. Today is going to be a get someone else to do the heavy lifting day.
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The kind of day where you go to pick up a job application only they're all out so you have to go back later. And then while you're waiting for later you decided to make macaroni and cheese for lunch. Only when you go to drain the noodles you manage to dump them all in the sink. *sigh*

So now I'm going to have shells and spaghetti noodles in cheese. If I don't manage to dump it all out. Ugh. And I'm really pretty hungry.

edit: and then burn your hands trying to clean the noodles out of the sink. Where's the do over button?
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Lovely. The wood stove spit sparks when I opened it up to put in more wood. One of them hit me, on the forehead so now I have a small blister just below my hair line.

At least it didn't land in my hair?
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My uncle took all the trash out of the shed this morning. Which means I now have room for the cord of wood he brought over to go inside.

So I just spent an hour, maybe a little more than an hour, moving what wood was already inside to a better spot. The hauling in the pallets he dropped off for the wood to go on, and then I hauled a not inconsiderable amount of the wood outside into the shed.

Now I'm going to play dead for a little while and try and work on Nano.

Will probably have a bruise on my hip tomorrow as I managed to drop a piece of wood and when I tried to catch it, it hit my hip bone, hard.

Cat people didn't call haven't shown up yet. Am not impressed. Am out of litter and nearly out of food and they were supposedly bringing up more.
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So I have a day off, no cutting brush, not pulling weeds, no getting hit in the head with stuff by my grandmother, and what do I do? Hurt my wrist opening a jam jar. And not even my bad wrist, my good wrist. Not cool world, not cool.
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If the roommate's dog is still alive when she gets home Monday it'll be a miracle. I got home today to find dog crap in the den. So he's outside until I feel like letting him in. If he's lucky it'll be before dark.

To follow that up I broke a knife cutting a piece of cheese and managed to slice my hand open in the process. I unrepentantly took one of the roommates neon colored band-aids that have anti-bacterial stuff on them.

Work wasn't to bad. Got a nice new scratch on my wrist and a new bug bite on my elbow, sweat fly I think. Took a quick swim after work. Would have staid longer but neither me or the roommate anticipated how warm it was going to get today so the AC didn't get turned on and I was worried about the furballs cooking. Well other than the dog.
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Okay so green tea and blood don't go well together...I really need to stop biting my lip when I'm eating. Ow ow ow.
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Mystery bruise is still on my arm. My mom thinks it looks like the sort of thing I should be able to remember doing. Oh well. I've only poked it a couple times, which I feel I should be given an award for. The colors make it so eye catching that's it's really hard not to.

In other news baby carrots and lite ranch dressing totally counts as supper right?

In hair news I got Mom to trim it a little. No longer looks like my head is being over taken by an orange mop. Am pleased. Still only sort of looks like photo I wanted it to look like. Am not surprised by this. Is still closer than what happend the last time I paid some one to cut it.
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Somehow in the last day or so I have acquired a vivid purple and blue bruise on my arm. The sort of thing that you'd think you'd remember getting. But no, no idea where it came from.
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Today was a day of stupid injureis at work. I cut my fingure on a plastic price tag. Then in a moment of epic fail my foot feel between the slats on a wooden palet loosing me a fairly impresive chunk of skin from my ankle. Tomorrow better be less injury filled or I'm calling in scared on Friday.
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I have a bruise on my head right now. And the only thing I hit my head on today was a pizza box. It was a rather amusing incident, but I didn't think I'd done so hard enough to actually leave a bruise. Evidently I'm my own brand of special when it comes to random injuries.
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Today work was a lot of work. I had to scan in and check off two days worth of freight. The guys did most of the out front freight, I did almost all of the hard parts myself. I scrapped the skin off one knuckle and got several scraps on my arm and bruised my wrist. But on the plus side the hub driver gave me some Jelly Belly jelly beans. The roommate says I should just ask the guy out already. I'm considering it.

I celebrated today by wearing my love hurts shirt all day, even at work, it was just under my VIP shirt. My State refund is in so woot, I have money again, plus a pay check that will actually cover my car payment. And Dee paid me back for her HCT ticket so I used the money to buy groceries.

The one way work was funny was that it was me and three managers on the counter all day. That and all three managers kept talking about how they still had to get their wives something for v-day. I was amused by this.
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note to self: you can't eat a whole box of macaroni by yourself. it makes you feel sick, and feeding the last three bite to the dog doesn't really count as not eating the whole thing.

In other news my ankle hurts. I stepped wrong on my way out to get groceries out of my car, thus leaving me with throbbing pain. I hate having weak ankles.
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So I finally figured out what bothered me so much about the woman that cut my hair the other day. I'm fine with the fact it didn't quite come out how I wanted, my reference pic. wasn't the best. What really bothered me was how tentative she was about cutting my hair. I know feed back from the client is needed, but it felt more like I had to tell her it was okay, really, every time she went to cut more off. That said I think I'd rather pay two dollars more and deal with someone who acts like they know what they're doing. Although if I ever want to pay someone to dye my hair I'll go to the place I went this week, it's a lot cheaper there.

In other hair news I decided to play with my hair before I took a shower, I managed to make a faux hawk, as the container of hair gel called it. I was amused, I took photos, maybe I'll share.

In none hair news I have bruises on both my shins from that stupid ladder I was hauling around yesterday at work. Not cool.
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So I took the dog for a walk. Wearing flip-flops, pratly because I don't want to bother the scab on my heel, and partly cause I that what I usually wear when I walk him.

I'm nearly home, as in I'm in the front yard, when I sort of trip over something and it kind of catches under my flip-flip strap briefly and pokes me. Well I get in the house and get a closer look, there is a big patch of scratched up skin on the top of my foot, and blood, and possibly a splinter, but I can't get close enough to my own foot to actually see for sure.

I quit I really do, I'm just going to lay on my bed and hope the kitten doesn't jump on me and fatally scratch me or something.
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In my current bid for person most likely to get hurt in really random ways I managed to slice the side of two fingers open about an hour after I got to work. Someone was buying new body panels or something of the like, I managed to pick one up and move it without getting hurt. However as I moved my hand back from giving him his recent I managed to hit my hand on the edge of the panel. And then there was blood and me wandering around holding my hand up going 'where are the band-aids?' Ah good fun.

I'm hungry, maybe I should find food.
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Okay what is with all the thunder storms lately? I mean really, this is getting to be a little much, and I like thunder storms.

Also in the I'm accident prone category I banged my wrist on a metal pipe so hard at work that it was bruised before I left for home.
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I have a brus on my arm. It is already at the green/yellow/purple phase and I don't even remember getting it. It doesn't hurt or anything, but it is kind of random.
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It started out bad then it got good then it got bad again. I woke up this morning much earlier than I wanted to on very little sleep, me head hurt and when I went to drink some milk it was bad. Then I went to a 4x4 rally type thing that was cool I got to ride in a monster truck, I got to see normal sized trucks do stuff, then there was a brek in the action so me and my family went to a near by river to swim, that was fun, until I swam into a rock, I quite possible have my third, yes my third, broken nose. If its not broken its one hell of a bruse and I have a couple of nice scrapes on it too. Then nothing bad happend, then I got into the car to leve, I get my CD player out of where I had hide it, I push play, it makes funny noises and says there is no disc, I take the disk out then put it back in, still doesn't work. So my CD player is quite likely dead, and maybe the CD that was in it, and I was very found of the CD damnit. I just want to sleep but I'm not tierd, I'd like some really strong pain killers so my nose wouldn't hurt, but thats not likly either. And no one will put me out of my missery.
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I hate hot weather, I really really do. I don't have a fan or air conditioning so I just get to melt. I will never get used to warm weather.
This morning I cut the bottom of my foot open on my bed frame, I'm just so talented. It hurts too.


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