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So this is 30. Actually it's off to a good start. Had dinner and a movie with R. and some friends. Now I'm home. Work in the morning, but probably back over to R's tomorrow night. It's not like I actually like living with my ex still. But hopefully before the end of summer I'll be moved in with R. We've got a lot of cleaning a head of us before that happens, but it I get my schedule moved around we should get a start before the end of the month.
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Yesterday I went home early from work. I probably wouldn't have gone in if I didn't know how much freight had to work. My breakfast revisited me pretty much the second I went to leave for work. So that wasn't so fun. When I got home I just put on my PJ's had some tea and toast and went back to bed. Felt a little better later in the day. Went to R's. Where he had the blankets on the couch all set up to tuck me in when I got there, so I spent the rest of the day on his couch watching TV and re hydrating.

Today we'd been planning to go to Portland. As neither of us could wake up this morning that plan was canned. Which was okay. We went and got Tai food for lunch. Then wandered around downtown until our movie started. We went to the antiques store that's opened recently, I feel in love with, and thus had to buy, a 8 mm camera. From my very quick internet search it's probably from the 1940's and a I paid a fair price for it. The model I got only had 1 lens, but it could come with up to 3. But it seems to be in working order. I don't have a manual or anything, but it's not like finding 8 mm film is something easy to do anyway. I like it and that what matters.

After that we went and saw Warm Bodies, which was better than I'd thought it might be. I enjoyed it and while I probably wont rush right out to get it when it comes out I probably will pick it up eventually.

Then we hit wally-world to pick up a couple things, including the tablet I ordered the other week. It's nothing fancy just a 7 in. off brand, with android operation system. Haven't played with it a whole lot yet, but it seems pretty good. R. had pick one up for me a couple weeks ago that ended up being returned because the first person to return it kept most of the excessories, and I will say so for this one seems to work better than that one did. The screen is a lot clearer which is important on such a small screen.

Now I'm back at my place just chilling out before bed. T's out but I'm sure he'll been back soon.
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Have a good Christmas everyone, I'll be on internet black out until I get home sometime late in the day tomorrow.
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You know your becoming an adult when someone giving you a new washing machine is the best present ever. Which would be me this evening. I was just looking to buy a used washing machine, my step-father thought I should get a new one. He evidently got another big bonus at work and bought me one. Doesn't want any money for it, just said Merry Christmas. So I said thank you, a lot. It's an LG front loader, evidently consumer reports best buy in its price range, and it works beautifully. It even rebalances itself if it senses that it's vibrating to much. Also makes my used dry look that much shabbier in comparison. But that still works so I should worry about it yet.
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Survived Thanksgiving with R. and his family. It wasn't a big thing, just us, his dad, his brother and sister-in-law and their two kids. Admitedly one of the kids is autistic and the other one has some developmental problems, so it was a tad loud and the kids never set down to eat, and one was dressed as a Jedi, and then Thor. So it wasn't boring that's for sure. I'm also going to Christmas as well. My family doesn't do anything Christmas day so it works out well. Now I just need to find out if I should be bringing presents or not. Will have to check with R. we're going to do some midnight shopping, lets ignore the fact that I have to be to work at 7am. There is a wicked good deal on a 1 terabite external hard drive and I want to get one if I can.

Now I think maybe I should try and get a nap in. R. and I went to bed around 11 last night, but he gets up at 5 to go help his dad with the farm. So I was up for an hour and then went back to bed and slept until about 8:30 and I took a short nap when he went to help get the cows back in around 4. But I'll still sleep deprived from Tuesday night. So a nap on the couch is probably in my future. Then shaving my legs because we can dress up for work tomorrow and I'm wearing skirt and hoping it's not to cold out.
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I hope tomorrow goes better at the craft fair, I didn't even make enough today to cover the booth fee. Also my back hurts. Whine whine whine.
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This year will be the first year I've not gone to Thanksgiving dinner at a family members house. I stopped going to Dad's years ago, but I've always attended the one with Mom's family. But not this year. R's sister-in-law invited me to the dinner she's hosting. And I decided to go. I know it'll mean a lot to R, plus his sister-in-law and I get a long great. His brother's nice, his nephews seems nice, and his dad, who I've met once has declared me cute as a button. So I'll go and see if it's any less crazy than the gatherings with Mom's family. Plus I don't think Thanksgiving will be calm at all with her family. Not on an election year. Not with the vocal and out numbered republicans and the equally vocal democrats. Feels like a good year to miss. If R and I are still together next year maybe I'll see if he wants to come home with me.
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Back from Skyfall viewing number two. Yep still a great movie. I'm going to say top 5 Bond films, if not number 1 favorite. Ugh. So many great moments and just little touches.

If only it had been playing in a theater with more comfortable seats. Two viewings in four days have left my back in knots.
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Oh yes thank you step-mother for reminding me how I loathe you. I sent her 2 e-mails yesterday. One about her mother and one saying I wasn't going to Christmas. She responded only to the one saying I wasn't going to Christmas to tell me I didn't have the full story.

Let me see, last year my brother made a mistake, a human mistake. He was engaged, he made out with someone else, relaized that clearly the engagement wasn't right, broke it off. Couldn't afford to drive home so our father could yell at him for being a horrible person, was told not to come to family gathering until he did. Also was told his grandfather would be ashamed of him and that he never should have been named after him. I talked to my brother the other day, he's evidently got a list of things he's supposed to do before he's un-disowned. He doesn't seem to concerned with getting them done. I don't feel to concerned about missing a gathering of my step-mothers family. If she e-mails me again I'm going to respond with what ever is appropriate to the contents of the e-mail and then throw in something about, plus I don't know which boyfriend I'd bring with me anyway. Then they could be equally horrified at me and then I wouldn't have to worry about it any way.
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Well so far my part of Maine hasn't really been hit by the store yet. It was a little windy last night and it's been raining some. There is a thunder storm blowing around and it's pretty cloudy, but thats about it.

Hope everyone else in the part of the storm is okay.
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Well other than a flood watch and expected high winds I don't think Sandy is really going to affect me here. And really wind and rain has been pretty common this fall anyway, it's just ramped up a level for the next day or so. Might lose power, might not. I'm close enough to downtown that I'm on the main power grid for the area anyway so even if it doesn't go out I don't imagine it will be long. And the governer has already called in power crews fro Canada and surrounding states. So I'm thinking the state is pretty well set for power outages and dealing with them in a timely manner.
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Doesn't matter that I've seen LotR:FotR over 30 time, that stupid movie can still make me tear up. Yes I've spent my day off rewatching a movie I've seen a billion times and knitting, don't care.

The knitting thing is good though, I'm doing a craft fair in a month. Probably should have a lot more done than I do already. But I'm working on it. I've made about 6 Christmas stocking. And I just finished another pair of fingerless gloves. And I've got a bunch of stuff that hasn't been selling on etsy and some other stuff I never got listed. Need to get a liner sewed into a messenger bag. If I've got the time I have a purse that needs to be re-done. But I may not have the time to do it. Will still bring it either way.
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No really. About 45 min. ago there was an earthquake in my neck of the woods. A 4.5 at the epicenter. T didn't even notice it, wouldn't have know if the landlady hadn't called to check in. I noticed it, but wasn't positive that's what it was. It felt like something heavy fell at the exact moment a trailer truck went by. The only clue it was more than that was how all the lose objects on the shelves sort of rattled for a little while. Freaked the cats out pretty bad. Or at least Penelope, wasn't around Rosa when it happened.

R is coming over shortly, I'll ask him if he noticed when he gets here. If he gets here, how do cows react to earthquakes? If the cows are too shook up he might not make up, he was helping on his dad's farm before he comes over.
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New reason to love crackle nail polish, because I'm lazy. Painted my nails last week. Looks pretty bad today. So I cut my nails because they were getting long and all the polish was gone from the ends. Then a coat of crackle polish, top coat, and boom looks like I just painted my nails again. Only you know with out the hassle of taking polish off and everything. Next week it'll look like crap again and by that point I just wont care.
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I've been working on the same 28 feet of oil at work for 2 days now. And when I go back on Thursday, guess what I'll be working on? If you guessed oil mod. you'd be right! Ugh. At this point at least all I have to do is put up the new labels. Yesterday and part of today was spent reagranging everything since the guys messed it up. Then I had to reset the shelf caps. Then replace fast tracking. So really labels aren't that bad, but still I feel like this shouldn't have taken quite so long.
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Jane Eyre
American Gods
The Hobbit
Fahrenheit 451
Hitchhicker's Guide to the Galaxy
The Girl Who Played with Fire
Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell

Maybe I should try finishing 3 or 4 of those before I start something else.
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Not sure if I can actually finish watching the last episode of Project Runway.The crying fake babies make me want to hurt something. Also if that was me, I would have flipped that fake baby over and taken the batteries out. And this is why I will never have kids of my own.
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Hello internet land. Haven't posted in awhile. Haven't read the f-list in even longer. How are you all? Things in my personal life have sort of settled down. Went out and did dinner and a movie last night with R. We saw Looper, it was amazing. May have to go again and bring T. with me as I think he'd enjoy it. T. has decided he's going to try and work on separating our finances as he realizes we aren't going to last forever and eventually I probably will leave him for R. exclusively.

In other news good turn out for the midnight tournament at the store last night. Like 16 people. I slept on the couch because the living room is mostly not over the store and the bedroom is. So I'm a little, lot, tired. Had to yell at someone that was outside talking loudly because I could hear every word he was saying and I was trying quiet hard to sleep. T. came upstairs around 5am didn't go to bed till close to 6 and got up around 9:30 because he forgot to set his alarm for 9 when he was suposed to meet up with a couple of customers.

Today is chilly and rainy and that doesn't help the whole waking up thing at all. I have to go to work at 3 for a four hour shift then back in at 7am tomorrow. Ugh. Maybe I'll get some sleep tonight. Not sure how long the pre-release stuff is going to run today. And T. is probably going to be snoring his brains out tonight because of how tired he is. Can it be Wednesday all ready? I don't have to work Wednesday.
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So today was an interesting day. It started with T. telling me that one of his friends wanted me to know 'that if I wanted to explore the open part of my open relationship' I should let him know. Uh that would be a giant no. I mean really passing a message like that via the guy I'm in the open relationship with? Really?

Then I went to Wal-Mart for coffee and to see R. who I'm probably going to start seeing. And while there I found out the rumor mill thinks R. and I are married. Or they did until my manager corrected them.

When I was leaving Wal-Mart I had to deal with that wonderful subset of the species, the redneck male. I was walking back to my car and I heard someone yell "hi gorgeous which I ignore partly because I never think people mean me with comment like that and part because I didn't want to encourage them. Evidently not the response the guy was looking for because it was followed up by and angry sounding hey. So I walked just as fast as I could without drawing more attention to myself to get to my car. I would have been more freaked out if it hadn't been broad daylight.

Then right after I pulled out I saw a tractor waiting to pull out on the main road, odd but not uncommon there are lots of farms in the area. What was odd was the guy was talking on a cellphone. On a tractor being driven on a main road. Oh Maine.

So yeah all that happened before noon. And I still had lots more to do after that. I felt ready for bed at like 5 this evening. As it is I'm headed that way, I should probably pack a lunch since I did get groceries today but it just seems to much like work at this point in the day.
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Evidently 2 guys moved into the apartment opposite my kitchen window. And evidently they are allergic to shirts. And they aren't bad looking. I hope they buy curtains?


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