Oct. 10th, 2013

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Oh hi there internet, haven't forgotten about you, just been busy. Today I moved bookcases from the only apartment to the house. Yesterday I hauled all my stuff out of the apartment's storage and to the house. Many stairs my legs are still killing me.

Last weekend I saw Rush on Sat. with my mom and step-father, and man was that an amazing movie. Will be buying that one when it comes out. Then Sun. which has given me some great stories. At work I had a little girl tell me I look like a boy because my hair is only around an inch long. Her dad was mortified, but I was amused so all was good. Then just as I was getting out of work my phone rang. It was my mom. Evidently in a random sequence of events her dog managed to lock herself and the keys in my mom's car. While she was at the house she's restoring in Madison. Needless to say 50 miles extra on my car later I'd made it home again after getting her spare key and finidng my way to the house in Madison as I'd never been there before. She paid me in pizza and apples and 5$.

Construction is coming along nicely on R's house. The bedroom and office are done, well other than the light we need to pick up. The pluming is as done as it's going to get this year. The new kitchen cabinets are done, my uncle is just sealing them, then we get to tear part of the kitchen to pieces. That'll be fun. Well, maybe now. But the finished product will be worth it. My uncle gave us a full size convection oven he got at a job site, and we bought a 4 burner, glass top, cook top. Being able to actually cook will be nice. I'm so sick of only being able to cook in a microwave.

Today was a day off. I've watched My Cat from Hell and now X-Files on Netflix.


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