Feb. 4th, 2013

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Yesterday I went home early from work. I probably wouldn't have gone in if I didn't know how much freight had to work. My breakfast revisited me pretty much the second I went to leave for work. So that wasn't so fun. When I got home I just put on my PJ's had some tea and toast and went back to bed. Felt a little better later in the day. Went to R's. Where he had the blankets on the couch all set up to tuck me in when I got there, so I spent the rest of the day on his couch watching TV and re hydrating.

Today we'd been planning to go to Portland. As neither of us could wake up this morning that plan was canned. Which was okay. We went and got Tai food for lunch. Then wandered around downtown until our movie started. We went to the antiques store that's opened recently, I feel in love with, and thus had to buy, a 8 mm camera. From my very quick internet search it's probably from the 1940's and a I paid a fair price for it. The model I got only had 1 lens, but it could come with up to 3. But it seems to be in working order. I don't have a manual or anything, but it's not like finding 8 mm film is something easy to do anyway. I like it and that what matters.

After that we went and saw Warm Bodies, which was better than I'd thought it might be. I enjoyed it and while I probably wont rush right out to get it when it comes out I probably will pick it up eventually.

Then we hit wally-world to pick up a couple things, including the tablet I ordered the other week. It's nothing fancy just a 7 in. off brand, with android operation system. Haven't played with it a whole lot yet, but it seems pretty good. R. had pick one up for me a couple weeks ago that ended up being returned because the first person to return it kept most of the excessories, and I will say so for this one seems to work better than that one did. The screen is a lot clearer which is important on such a small screen.

Now I'm back at my place just chilling out before bed. T's out but I'm sure he'll been back soon.


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