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So hi there people who still happen to be kicking around these parts. I'm still alive. I just send most of my time on tumblr now. I'm the-gail on there.

Life has been good. I'm nearly out from under all the stuff with the business I had. It's sold and I'm very nearly done with taking care of the mess from the lease I had for a credit card terminal.

My birthday was yesterday, had fun. Went and saw the new Captain America movie and out out to eat.

Now some photos of me and of cool things I've recently acquired. Because why not.

 photo SAM_0496.jpg
My birthday outfit yesterday. I was rocking out with the kickass vib.

 photo SAM_0507.jpg
Birthday outfit with my awesome jacket that I really have far to few reasons to wear.

 photo SAM_0512.jpg
Corset I recently purchased as I am all about planning ahead for Halloween. I'm going to be a steampunk airship captain this year.

 photo SAM_0513.jpg
Tea pot I got today.

 photo SAM_0514.jpg
It's called Tea for One. I got it at a local antique/consignment shop. It was on sale for like 5$. May go back tomorrow and a get another one that is a little bigger and has a ceramic insert for loose leaf tea. Not that I need one ceramic tea pot let a lone two.
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