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So the new Star Trek movie, that was amazing was it not? So Cumberbatch was Khan. Like how they did the character, not a copy of the original, but the character remained true to it's roots at the same time. Spock crying over Kirk's death and then going all bad ass on Khan's ass. Spock calling Jim, Jim and not Captain. Spock talking back to Pike in his own Vulcan way. Ugh. There were so many things in the movie I liked. I want to hugs everyone's little face with joy. I even like how they changed who did the blowing things up and who did the self sacrifice, which fit in the universe perfectly. Kirk was trying to become a better person and Spock was trying to learn how to be not so by the book. I do agree with T. that it was predictable that they'd use Khan's blood to bring Kirk back. I knew that was coming back from the second they showed Bones injecting it in to the dead tribble. On the other hand it's not like how Spock came back from the dead wasn't kind of ridiculous as well. I saw the movie with R and he had less of an issue with it. In conclusion when can I see the movie again? Also the audience I was with was great. Everyone was sort of talking amongst themselves the whole movie. And there where about 6 of us who where laughing at stuff no one else seemed to get, so those of us I would say where the long time Star Trek fans.

Not into work until 2, so I'm re-watching the first one again, just because. Next up after that the Fast & Furious franchise.


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